Emergency/Disaster Preparedness & Resiliency

A place to discuss how to survive and thrive during a short-term emergency

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Emergency News

The place to discuss current states of emergency or ongoing disasters

The Aftermath: Resiliency

Here's where you'll find discussions of how to recover in the aftermath of an emergency, including links to agencies that offer assistance to individuals or communities that are recovering from a disaster; links to resiliency websites and mental health agencies; links to webinars or summits on disaster recovery; etc.


The place to discuss sheltering in place, including what to have on hand, community preparedness for disasters, how to care for your animals when you're sheltering in place, etc.


The place to discuss evacuation procedures, including what to take, what to put in a go-bag, how to prepare your property for leaving, how to evacuate pets and livestock, etc.

Equipment and Communications: Devices and Information Sources

The place to discuss emergency equipment and communications that will assist us in a short-term grid-down situation
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