Farm for sale, NW TX, 2017

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Hi Jimerson - We have a farm for sale in NW Texas and wanted to make it available to TGN folks. Is this a good place to put this or do you have a better suggestion. Here is a description:
Solar/wind powered survival/working farm property with multiple possibilities. Besides being suitable for a couple or family, this home could also be utilized by two families sharing opposite ends of the home with a large shared kitchen. Another way would be for a single or couple to buy the property and rent rooms to several other individuals or couples interested in survival and working the land. It is a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath manufactured home 2240 sq ft on 8.4 acres plus 1.2 acres driveway easement in Quanah TX, Hardeman County.

The property has a functioning well with a new 240V pump. The 24'x48'x16' barn/workshop is a welded frame all steel structure with a 30'x48' overhang shed area on the east side and a 14'x24' overhang shed area with 16 solar panels on the steel roof facing south. There are two chicken coups and two large-animal sheds as well as a corral, three fenced pastures, and a round pen. The current tilled area for growing food is about ¾ acre plus a 24'x24' greenhouse with gas and electricity for heating it and a water spigot inside.

Solar and wind power operate the barn, well, greenhouse, and chicken coups. The power can be extended to include the house; we just haven't gotten that far yet. The well could be extended to the house also. Currently the house is connected to city water and electricity, and has a septic system.

The property perimeter is fenced and the backyard has a fenced area for pets. There is a large fire pit and a firing range for practice shooting.

Various farm equipment and tools are negotiable for staying with the farm.

There are at least two wind farms to be built in Hardeman County this year which will provide employment opportunities.

Quanah is a very nice town. The people are friendly (as they generally are in Texas) and there are a number of Christian denominational churches. Several community fairs are organized throughout the year. There is a Farmers Market in Vernon 30 miles east for selling your extra produce and herbs.

This town was named after the Comanche chief Quanah Parker who blessed the town with this prayer:

May the God of the White Man bless the town of Quanah.
May the sun shine and the rain fall and the granaries be filled.
May the storm and the tempest shun the homes of her people,
And may they increase and dwell forever.
God bless Quanah. Subetu ma. I have spoken.

The residents here say that Puha lives in Quanah. When asked what Puha means they say, “Strong Spirit.”

We are selling because we are relocating to a different state for family reasons.


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    I would be interested in knowing more and getting a price for the property. Not sure how to get that info as this is a posting, do we need to get more direct communication for this kind of info to be passed. I have been looking for land for a bit to purchase to retire on.  Holly
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    These types of posts are perfect for this forum, but I'd suggest starting a new topic in the Buy, Sell, Barter forum for it!
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    Wow, that sure sounds like an awesome property!
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    David, how much are you asking? Do you have more pictures?

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    Deborah B., is this property still available for sale? Thanks!
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    Yes, Merin, and thanks for your interest. I now have a listing on Zillow with more information, pictures, and contact info at this link:
    Also, thanks Holly for your interest, thanks Jimerson for your suggestion, and thanks Marjory for your previous comment.