Berkshire Pigs - Questions on Raising and Flavor Profile

Wow Tasha, 350 lb. in 10 months.  That is quite amazing.

I am going to confess that I am a little bit afraid of pigs and haven't raised them - ever  Pork is my favorite meat though.

Did you see that Home Grown Food Summit presentation on heritage pigs by I think it was Jeanette Berhinger?


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    I have not raised Berkshires, but have Hampshire/Yorkshire crosses.  We had our first butchered last year at about 7 months, and they were 340/350 lbs, with about 285 hanging weight.  They were by far the most delicious pork I have ever had!  We supplement their feed with brewers grains, so ours are not "organic", but raise with no drugs or antibiotics.  I also give the brewers grains to the cows and chickens and they all love them.  A big plus is that I get them free from a micro-brewery.  I have an American Guinea Hog that is slow growing but we will be butchering him in a few months.  My first one of this breed so interested to see how he will turn out.