Poultice for swelling and nerve damage?

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the quick answer is yes you can heal from nerve damage, my husband had nerve damage in his neck and lost feeling in his fingers and toes from a pretty severe whiplash injury..he has full range and use of his extremities now....  the long answer.. the herbs used and in what manner truly depends on the injury and what your symptoms are, what you've done and what you havent tried and where in the injury /healing process you are..all play a part.


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    We sometimes use a Comfrey poultice to treat swelling and pain from injuries like sprains and bruises.  From what I read, it may also aid in nerve regeneration (but we have not tried it for that).

    Also, comfrey is a great soil improving cover and compost crop.





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    Jimerson, any update on how the nerve damage is healing?

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