Broody hen: Should I separate her from the rest of the flock?

Merin Porter
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Hi Merin,


I've always just left the broody hens in their nest boxes.  When I've tried to move them, it never quite worked out - often the hen got disoriented or something...  but she would basically abandon the nest.

It has astounded me how high up a hen would lay her eggs and then somehow get those chicks down.   Seriously...  I had a milk crate about 6 feet high on top of the rabbit hutch and a hen decided to lay her eggs and get broody there.  I kept watching as the time got closer and I am still not sure how she got those chicks - not only out of the milk crate - but then the 6 feet down....  but she did.  She was a really good momma too.


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    Thanks, Marjory! I am leaving her in her nest box and can't wait to see how she does once those little bitties hatch. What's funny is that I now have a second broody hen, and between the two of them, they are taking up the two historically most popular nest boxes. So, despite having four other nest boxes to choose from, some of the other girls are choosing to lay in ... um ... creative places. One layed under the steps to the coop. One is laying in the bag of pine shavings in the run. Sigh. Hopefully they'll get it figured out eventually.... :D