Hugsl Culture beds

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I would start with the straw on the bottom  and wet down, worms love straw.  Put the first 3 carbon materials next, water in and save enough wood chips to cover the finished bed. Mix the biochar, leaves and finished compost together and put on top. Plant in the top layer and cover with less that 1" of wood chips. You have a lot of good material to work with, mostly carbon so your bed should not get hot and damage plants on top. The nutrients from top layers will filter down you should have great soil in 3 or so years. Good luck...


  • Cherlynn
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    I started with logs and brush and then started laying leaves, straw, dirt and anything else I had on hand.  It's on the part of the farm we sold off but I know its still thriving all on its own as the new owner told me he was surprised to see this huge mound with tomatoes, pumpkins and all kinds of other things growing.  Self seeding year to year.