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World Naked Gardening Day Photos — The Grow Network Community
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World Naked Gardening Day Photos

Marjory WildcraftMarjory Wildcraft ✭✭✭Posts: 995 admin
edited April 2018 in The Homestead: DIY
So I was debating and debating on posting this.  You know - you put something up on the internet; be prepared it will be there forever.   Hah! in a few decades I'll probably be delighted.  :)

But several of the other Grow Network team members said they would post their photos up, and I figured "what the heck".  I do enjoy being au natural and I love my body.

OK, so here goes!



  • H_DH_D Posts: 384 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    AWESOME PIC Marjory !!! i have a pic my hubby took a few years back for World Naked Gardening day , its very clean and i wanted to post it last week,  but I CANT FIND IT! i have him searching all our harddrives lol

  • Joanna NewcomerJoanna Newcomer Posts: 10 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    I can't find mine either, looks like I'll be taking new pictures!
  • Merin PorterMerin Porter Editorial Director Southwest Colorado (Zone 6a)Posts: 724 admin
    edited May 2018
    Love it! You are so brave and inspiring!
  • Marjory WildcraftMarjory Wildcraft ✭✭✭ Posts: 995 admin
    edited May 2018
    Heather and Joanna go for it!  You don't have to worry about the actual date....

    Oh and make a new one :)

  • Clarissa RineholdClarissa Rinehold Posts: 1
    edited May 2018
    Guess I'll have to find someone to take a picture while planting, harvesting, etc. Full exposure to the sun corrects vitamin D levels, eliminates the tan line and I've heard that grounding the body by going barefoot is healthful.
  • Casey CashCasey Cash Posts: 21
    edited May 2018

    Happy World Naked Gardening Day! Thankfully we had some sunshine here in Oregon today!
  • Marjory WildcraftMarjory Wildcraft ✭✭✭ Posts: 995 admin
    edited May 2018
    whoo hoo Casey!

    lookin' good
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