Rabbit composting

Well, you can use the droppings and ,if you have them in a solid hutch, the wood shavings or straw from bedding as injection to your regular compost. The rabit will transform all vegetable scrap in good and useful manure.

I use the clean out of our two pet rabbits as mulch in the garden. Especially in fall I apply just a thick layer of used bedding and cover with some wood chips. Until spring it is mostly decomposed to good fertile soil. The water storage capacity of the soil is increased due to the straw and wood shavings and I need to water less.


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    You can rig up a capture system for the manure underneath the rabbit cage if you use one made of hardware cloth.  I had 4 raised cages and underneath had a tightly strung screen from an old door.  It was at an angle, high at one end and lower at the other.  There was a tub at the lower end that would catch the droppings.  The urine would run out thru the screen and the poop would roll down hill into the tub.  You can then take the droppings and put wherever you need.  In the garden (it's not too hot to put directly in the garden), make a tea for your plants, add it to your compost pile, or think about starting a worm bed and use the droppings to help feed the worms!