Herbal or home remedies for eczema.

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    Last year I made an infused oil with the following herbs and it is use good for eczema:

    Dried Goldenrod flowers, stems, and leaves

    Dried White Yarrow leaves

    Dried Sassafras leaves

    Dried Black Walnut leaves

    Dried Dwarf Sumac berries and stems

    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    I let the dried herbs sit in the Olive Oil for about six weeks. I put everything into a quart Mason jar that I placed into a brown paper bag that I shook several times per day.

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    @Obiora E This sounds like an amazing base for a salve. You should take some before and after pictures so you can compare the results. I recently wrote a blog post about natural solutions for eczema. I hope it's okay to share that here? https://alchemilla.co/natural-treatment-for-eczema/

  • It is my understanding that the root of eczema is in the liver. So.... cleansing and supporting the liver are big. I have dealt with this myself and can say that cleansing and getting rid of candida and adding really good probiotics is what helped. Need to stick with a program for many months. Let me know if you want more details regarding how I dealt with this issue. It is a pretty big deal. I used to have auto-immune markers while dealing with this, and those are gone too!! Yippeeee.

    The external salves are great too. I make my own and use them daily. Just the external approach did not improve things for me, though.

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    I learnt so much doing the Making Herbal Medicine course with Patrick Jones, right here at the Grownetwork Academy. Patrick swears by a mixture of comfrey, calendula, camomile and marshmallow, for all things skin related, excema, wounds, nappy rash, cuts, burns, dry skin etc. I recently made a lotion of this, called it first aid in a jar! I will let you know how it goes. Hope this helps.

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    @sarah121 Oh I don't have eczema but a niece and nephew do (along with an assortment of allergies) as well as some younger cousins. I mainly made it for them. My cousin when I saw her at the family reunion Labor weekend told me that it worked really well. I can see if she has any before and after pictures.

    I don't think that my niece and nephew have used it yet but I can ask my brother.

    And yes by all means share it on the blog! Thank you for your interest in it. I was mainly trying to find with it various native plants that can aid the body in healing itself with skin and other issues.

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