Ants are eating my radishes!

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Ants usually don’t eat radishes but more likely a sign of other pests in the garden.  If you pull up a radish you may find deep in there another peat

to repel ants Try some ground cinnamon around your plants it works to repel ants .. you can also sprinkle DE around the plants but this may also kill beneficial pests as well.  Another ant solution is 1/2 cup of jelly and 2 tsp boric acid in a mason jar.  Seal with the ring and plastic wrap, Poke holes on top through the wrap with a toothpick this will allow the ants to march right into the jar ... put several jars around the affected areas .  Ants are attracted to the sweetness of the jelly (should  be organic ) and will die off from the boric acid


hope this helps



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    Thanks so much Heather! I will give this a try.
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    You can also try planting radish with nasturtiums as the oils help protect any variety of the cabbage family and are themselves edible.  Also it helps to plant radishes with mustard as the oils in the mustard plant are very attractive to a host of insects and can act as a catch crop to draw insects away from other crops.