How to prepare own thyroid hormone medication

Please seek the support of a qualified herbalist or naturopathic doctor   When we use natural medicine we do not simply replace  a pharmaceutical drug with an herb ...there is much more involved .  And since you say you will die without your medication it would be very irresponsible of anyone to give you medical advice without having a full history and a working relationship with you.

With that said a natural health professional WILL have options for your condition , however , your medical doctor will need to be the one to recommend how and when you stop your pharmaceutical drug

it wouldn’t be something you can make with accuracy, herbs and plants only provide so much support , you would  in addition some kind of actual thyroid hormone ...from a naturopath usually desiccated porcine or bovine thyroid hormone



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    Hi Heather, thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately, I am familiar with what you have mentioned. I have been studying and working in health and nutrition for the past 20 years and am knowledgeable about how to reverse thyroid disease as well. By doing what I’ve done so far, I have reduced my medication to very negligible amounts however I am slightly still dependent on it. I won’t die abruptly if I stop it, but probably after a month or so. There are no naturopaths nor compounding pharmacies on the island where I live in Europe and I need to travel to personally get more natural medication. Allow me to re-phrase my question please ... ‘if pharmacies shut down and I had no medication and no other means to get it in a survival situation, how can one extract and dose thyroxine from a butchered pig, with the help of a licensed pharmacist or naturopath ?’ Thank you :)
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    the uncomplicated answer is remove the thyroid gland, desiccate it, grind it up and make your doses..the problem is no way to know what the dose is, how much hormone is within the porcine thyroid, however in that scenario when pharmacies are shut down, it is a great last resort option :)

    check out this reddit thread on the instructions


    my true question i would be asking is why is the thyroid not functioning properly, as the canary in the coal mine of an organ its more of an indication of something else rather than disease of the thyroid itself. I have many clients that came to us on pharma drugs and none of them are in need of the drugs anymore (not even what you can get over the counter glandular preparations.)