Fire Preparedness, can you help suggest supplies?

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anything your family needs on an ongoing basis..i always have my herbal/homeopathic emergency kit with me (for others this is simply their medications they take daily make sure you have enough to last a month or 2), witch hazel and aloe i always carry too..things we use often, make sure you have fuel for your vehicles so you dont have to stop for any as everyone else will be.  some food that wont spoil and a way to communicate with others whether it be CB, short wave radio or just an FM radio to hear whats going on and keep contact.  just done thoughts - Heather


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    Thank you Heather

    As I look around and research, I've found a couple of other suggestions:
    • Video the contents of your home and buildings.  It makes it easier to remember if everything is lost.
    • Pets: I've been working on training our cats to load on a whistle command.  Sigh, they are difficult to train and I might have to leave them :(
    • Train livestock to congregate at gates when they hear a special horn.  We wouldn't be able to load them so I'd just open all gates and hope for the best.  Another :(
    • Experts say to keep plants away from the house.  I use my house to "push zones" (I have a 12 foot lemon espaliared against a wall, among other things) .  I'm reluctant to remove my valuable plants.  Next best thing to do is make sure they are well watered.
    • Maintain perimeters with a clear zone.  Keep grass in these areas short.  No brush or flammables around key areas.
    • Keep a water or other utility bill to prove residency and backup my ID.
    • Have several agreed upon points for family to assemble.  First, top of hill.  If not possible, then first major intersection.  If not possible, then...  this is to reunite us if we can't leave together.