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Herbal tincture for pain — The Grow Network Community
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Herbal tincture for pain

Teresa KlepacTeresa Klepac Posts: 24 ✭✭✭
edited July 2018 in Natural and Home Medicine
with kidney stones you have to be careful which pain relieving tincture you use. The kidney filters everything in our body so adding more work for it to do is counter productive IMHO without supporting the root problem (the kidney stones) We cant offer specific medical advice on this site however many herbs can be used for different kinds of pain and to get rid of the different kind of stones..an herb called chanca piedra (stone breaker) it dissolves kidney and other types stones.  Also consider drinking water with fresh lemon juice this is even a medical doc remedy for getting rid of stones.  Uva Ursi and Dandelion root tea , parsely, nettles etc (and diuretic really ) will promote urination and support kidney function, Increase insoluble fiber intake (this reduces the levels of urinary calcium helping dissolve the kidney stones..Plantain is great for pain as is willow bark and wild lettuce but not necessarily specific for kidney pain.  If the pain is unbearable I would use cannabis or kratom tinctures as they are the most potent herbal tincture you can get to resolve pain. But keep in mind the goal in natural medicine is to get rid of the stones not bandaid the pain they are  causing, the medical docs bandaid well enough


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