Horsetail for teeth

OMG, horsetail! That's why I stopped by, to ask about using it. I harvested some this year, dehydrated it, ground it up in a coffee grinder, and am putting it into capsules for ingesting. I'm simply wondering if that is the right procedure. I do know that you take yourself off it after 5 days or so for a couple days break from it, then repeat, but have a question as to how many weeks to use it.  I will revisit Doug Simon's DVD to see if I can find that info. I don't think you chew it up and swallow it. I'm thinking you simply chew it to extract the juices and spit it out, or powder it and put it into capsules. But I am NOT the one to ask. I'm hoping someone who really does know can help us out on this.


  • Sharon Companion
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    I have dried and powered some horsetail.  I wet my toothbrush and dip it in the powdered horsetail then add a drop of toothpaste on top and brush my teeth with it.  I have also made horsetail tincture with alcohol.  I take a drop under my tongue and also use it to brush my teeth with.
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    I purchased some Horsetail capsules at Natures Planet but it is Equistum arvense, not the Equistum hymale, that Doug

    recommends. I started taking 2 caps a day for bones and teeth but had an astonishing thing happen. The lower back pain that I have had for many years just went away after the second use of 2 capsules. I don't take it all the time, only when the back is bothering me.

    Has anybody else experienced anything like this? I mentioned it to someone at the grow network but I don't know if they took me

    seriously or not. Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth for today. I bought Doug's DVD and received the horsetail but it died. They sent a second batch and it died also. I live in Arizona and it has been scorching hot and maybe I didn't water enough. Oh well, I'm just learning so mistakes are made. I found some Horsetail in a garden near the Safeway and asked if I could remove some and they said "go ahead". It is surviving so far.