Do you pit your cherries when making jam?

Casey Cash
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I went through the same dilemma, from what I understand is it is best to pit them.  There are little gadgets you can buy to speed up the process, if you really have a lot maybe one of these could be a wise investment?  I had a lot but I ended up hand pitting mine.  I sat down with a glass of wine and went at it, and although it was a long process, it was quite satisfies when I finished.  I discovered if I used a chopstick to push the pit out the process was much faster than doing it by hand alone.  Happy pitting!


  • Jon Ziemba
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    We use an inexpensive pitting tool for our cherry jam too for the same reason you mentioned.  We only have the one cherry tree right now, so we are only making about a pint and a half after we eat some of the fresh ones.
  • peppypoblano
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    I love the chopstick idea.  I really do not like pitting cherries but I've always done so.  Let us know how it tuns out.