Herbal tremor remedies

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Skullcap, passion flower, valerian, Kava Kava are all great and effective nervines and neurological system relaxants and work quite well in different preperations, but by far the most effective herb for tremors is concentrated CBD oil (NOT hemp seed oil) but by far the most effective in reducing or eliminating tremors IMHO caused by neurological movements which have been impaired is a CBD heavy strain of Cannabis oil and sublingual use, it works within seconds usually.  With a medical dx of dystonia I would seek out the consult of a trained naturopath or clinical herbalist to ensure the body is getting all of the nutrition it needs along with the right combination of nervines to help the body relax (b vitamins reduce stress which is the cause of some tremors, dandelion root will support the liver in detoxing which is also a cause of tremors. Avoiding processed food, sugar and all grains adding healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil is key to reducing the occurrence and intensity of movement disorder tremors, magnesium citrate calms the muscles, epsom salt baths will also provide magnesium as well as relax the body, as well as a whole slew of homeopathic proving /remedies that reduce and help stop tremors.

Hope this helps


(this is not medical advice, you should always seek the consult and advice of your chosen medical professional)


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    other things to consider is ways to down regulate the CNS implementing things like yoga, meditation, getting body work done (like massage or Cranio Sacral therapy) ensuring that you get the proper form of folate and B vitamins (many people these days have the MTHFR gene mutation which among many things prevents the body from fully detoxing toxins causing many neurological movement disorders such as dystonia, tourettes etc using methylated B vitamins ensures the body is getting what it needs and what it can process) exercise releases endorphins which also down-regulate the CNS

    the key is not one treatment, treat the whole person (mind, body and spirit) not the medical diagnosis

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    First, THANK YOU, Heather, for your thoughtful replies and so much information. I really appreciate it!

    I have tried CBD oil, but there are a few issues: 1) cost - very expensive even at low concentrations, so can't afford higher concentrations, 2) not standardized, so I'm never really sure what I'm getting and don't know what brands to trust, and 3) have tried several brands and not seen any results. Would love to try higher concentrations if the prices ever normalize.

    I am already taking vegan B-12, magnesium and omega-3, as well as consuming a WFPB (whole-food, plant-based) diet. I'm very conscious of what grains and sugar I consume and have reduced them both tremendously. I'm also walking, meditating and doing yoga. I have tried some body work, but have not seen any results other than for the length of the treatment. So I am moving into herbal remedies that I can hopefully make for myself and therefore know exactly what I'm taking. I like your suggestion about dandelion and the nervines and will talk with a local herbalist today about the big picture. I fully agree that this is a whole-body issue and must be treated as such. THANKS again for your time and help!
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    a few things to clarify...for the CBD... knowing what you're getting is not only very important but also very easy, simply ask for a lab test that will show the exact cannabinoids present in the sample and percentages within the product as well as show any pesticides or residues and mold present in the product.  If they cant provide this, then DONT purchase it.  anyone selling  legitimate CBD and cannabis products will have it on file and have every batch of medicine tested.

    But like i always say ...with a medical DX you need a medical grade/concentrated product and  CBD oil made from hemp is NOT it.   its a great nutracutical for the body though.  im a fulltime advocate for cannabis for just about everything from overall health to TBI and paralysis, i advocate to grow your own plants if it can physically be done, i advocate for organic or sterile growing practices, i advocate for people to have the right to put whatever they want into their body's.  I personally am illegally alive rather than legally dead. My husband is illegally NOT suffering daily when he could be legally suffering all day:)

    I would also seek out an Upledger trained cranio sacral therapist in your area..in my own practice i have seen dramatic changes in our clients with dystonia (my cousin was dx at 13 with dystonia as well) you can find one here https://www.iahp.com/pages/search/

    I did notice you mentioned "vegan B12"..I dont want to step on toes here and my comments are purely from a nutritional standpoint and not an animal rights standpoint.  I and my family were very strict vegans for many years, its a very long story but we are not vegan anymore (it is a diet that is lacking in nutrition that is available to the body) some great articles about B12 and how and in what forms its available to our bodys for use



    short term , plant based its a great way for the body to focus on healing rather than digesting and i promote it often especially with my clients with cancer, but its not a good option long term IMHO and many natural health providers feel the same.

    I just always ask people to do some research and see if a long term plant based diet is optimal for your bodys terrain, health challenges you have and your personal health goals.


    that ended up more than i hoped for lol

    Happy  Healthy Healing

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    I will add to this thread that if there is an underlying condition such as a chronic infection causing the twitches or tremors, it's important to get that treated.

    For some people, small fiber neuropathy (nerve damage) may be causing the twitching. Diabetes can cause this, but also fluorquinolone antibiotics like Cipro can be a culprit.

    In this case, gotu kola may be helpful in healing damaged nerves, and tart cherry juice (which can also come in a powder form) may also be helpful.

    GABA is a neurotransmitter available in supplement form that might also help.

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    Several years ago, I had nerve damage in my arm. Can't remember what it was called, but I couldn't move my right arm. After about three months, my husband and I went to brunch, where, for some unknown reason I asked for an organic beer. I don't drink beer (wheat issues), organic or otherwise and it was 10 am. What was I thinking?

    Well, the next day my arm started hurting. What? I had been in constant pain for three months and just now I was suddenly realizing that I hadn't been in pain for about 24 hours. Hang on. What did I do differently? It took about an hour to hit on the beer. I called the restaurant to get the name and was told it was a "hoppy" beer. I looked up all the ingredients and discovered that Humulus lupulus is a nervine. A mighty fine nervine as it turns out. I could take a sip every three hours and be relatively pain free. It took about a month for the pain to totally go away, but WOW!

    I've had a couple of other nerve issues that have also been cleared with hops. So far so good.

    Hops are in the same family as Cannabis, but they're legal everywhere. I don't drink beer if I have nerve damage anymore, I just use hops tincture. Hops are good for infections, sleep and digestion too. Here's to your health - Slàinte mhòr - Skol. Feels so good to get healthy!

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    This is a really amazing story, thanks for sharing, and I may need to try hops at some point!