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Homestead dreaming — The Grow Network Community
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Homestead dreaming

Errickah FucileErrickah Fucile Posts: 11
edited September 2018 in The Homestead: DIY
Hi Errickah,

Yes it's possible. Everyone starts somewhere. Most of us start from the ground up.

Depending on your work commitments you could try Woofing - Willing Workers On Organic Farms. This could be a 'Holiday' option to see what is out there and to get a feel for it. This would also give you skills and since the property you go to provides you free accommodation and meals [how many can be negotiated depending on how many days/ hours you work]  in return for your work.

Woofing is available all over the world.

I have seen some people [on youtube] able to live rent free in a caravan or tiny house on an organic farm, with an area for their own garden/ chickens in exchange for so many hours of work per week. This would allow you to sell extra produce that you grow yourself, and/ or to do extra work off the property to work towards having the funds to purchase your own land/ homestead.

Magazines such as Mother Earth sometimes have articles on this topic as well. In Australia [where I am], some libraries stock various magazines that you can borrow. You could see if any of the libraries near you have any organic/ sustainable type magazines that could offer ideas on how to get started.

Have you considered looking in the for sale/ barter section of the forum and / or posting an ad there to see if you can get some experience on a farm near you in exchange for....something....maybe just experience.

I think your enthusiasm and determination will be a great asset in achieving your goals.

Good Luck. Let us know how you are going.



  • CherlynnCherlynn Posts: 165 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    Not sure where in the world you are, but if you are willing to make your dream come true, you can do it!  We have a few families who wanted to make a self sufficient neighborhood and moved to inter-city Kansas City.  The kind of place I would never drive into!  It's an amazing project that transformed this area into a great place to live in.  Everyone in the neighborhood works together and shares in the harvest.   https://www.treehugger.com/green-food/urban-goat-farming-in-inner-city-kansas-city-video.html  They have a web site but I can't find it right now.
  • AlisonAlison Posts: 155 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    That's very inspiring and heart warming to see.

    Thankyou for sharing the link. Hopefully they will inspire generations of people to do the same.

  • SaraSpencerSaraSpencer Posts: 1
    edited December 2018
    My first thought was

    1. WOOFing as mentioned above.. but also,

    2. if you find small farmers nearby (or not nearby) that you can travel to and talk to, many people don't know about woofing but also would be willing to do or already have a sort of system set up for a similar exchange.

    3. realize your friends may not be able to stay together to make this happen, but the experiences gained could help you as you all work toward this goal.

    4. Start paying off your debts, and putting money away to make a dream come true. You can rent property as Joel Salatin suggests for maximum return for capital, since you won't have to front money for the land, just mobile infrastructure, depending on homestead goals.

    5. If you live in a house in town or an apartment, do Something with the space you have. If you can all work together to rent a house with even a small yard, you can work together and begin growing Something! If you are in an apartment with a deck/patio, use it to grow things, if you can change apartments to one that gets sunshine during the day - great! If not, maybe buy a grow light for a couple hundred dollars to hang above the whole patio, or do shelves full of plants flats indoors.


    Just a few thoughts as I have had the 40 acres and the homestead, and have grown things and utilized apartments and rental yard. You can do Something anywhere you are if you have the drive to do so.
  • BlairBlair Posts: 46
    edited December 2018
    motivation, hard work and labor, and you are "young" those are the most important things because it will take time, there are lots of frustrating times that will require motivation and it is hard work a laborious; but if it is your dream start now. even if starting is just putting some herbs on a window sill. do something and build from there. Good luck.
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