Mosquitoes in rain catch containers!

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Have you found the point in which they are getting in? Can you add some flyscreen mesh in any spots that gives them access?

Depending on how big the tank is you could add a thin layer of food grade oil on the top of the water. It won't mix with the water and will stop new mosquitoes getting to the water. It will eventually go rancid however.

What is the main problem with the mosquitoes? Is it that they are breeding and just a nuisance? Or is it drinking water and they are coming out in the water? A small strainer resting in the top of the watering can will get them out. Then you can flick the critters out and they will die.




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    Good topic!

    We haven’t installed our rain barrels yet and I know we’ll probably have a problem with mosquitos too. I’d be interested in hearing how other people handle this problem as well.

    Great ideas, Alison!
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    If rainwater tanks are installed with an appropriate mesh screen where the water enters the tank then you should have no problem. I don't have any problem with mosquitoes.

    If a tank is uncovered, or poorly covered then mosquitoes will be opportunistic and help themselves to a perfect home and breeding ground.

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    I like the net screen idea, that will be easy for me to install.

    Thanks for your help, Alison.
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    You can use small fish in the rain water tank too. They will eat on the mosquito larvae. the screen is definitely the easiest way.