Natural joint care for animals

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When I lived in Tucson,  Arizona I used to go to a shop called the Holistic Animal Care Center.  They were always very friendly and knowledgeable about natural remedies for pets, and they have successfully helped me treat my dogs when needed.  I highly recommend contacting them and see what they can offer.

I hope your dogs knee gets better soon.



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    my DDR had hip dysplasia (which is common for DDR's) but he injured himself on top of that and was in so much pain he was trembling, unable to walk and would not let anyone even come close to touching him. we gave him simply bone broth (helps with inflammation as well as providing collagen for healthy tissue with his food, cannabis/CBD oil this was key to his speedy recovery, bioavailable turmeric for for joint inflammation and a liquid Hyaluronan product for joint health, horsetail tea (helps with soft tissue and bone healing) and he was up and running and jumping on his own in a week. Boswellia (not frankincense EO), licorice root tincture, devils claw is great for pain relief, of course ginger and yucca are both great for inflammation and the latter specifically for joint inflammation. also you could sprinkle some cayenne in his food great for inflammation and pain relief.
    You'll have to look up dosing based on your dogs weight.
    Hope she feels better soon
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    Thank you! That’s some very good information. I will look into that link. I was going to make some bone broth today anyway so I’m sure the pooch won’t object to getting some!
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    And if you are into homeopathy, rhuta gravens is for this issue too.  My vet prescribed for our dog who hurt himself jumping too much.  15 drops of tincture X 3 daily for about two weeks if I remember correctly.