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Golden Rod — The Grow Network Community
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Golden Rod

cyndi193cyndi193 Posts: 14
edited October 2020 in Wild Edibles & Medicinals
diuretic, anti-oxidant, and astringent (without removing electrolytes like most astringents do).

highly effective effective herbal treatment for urinary tract disorders of all kinds. often used to support kidney health and is effective in treating nephritis as well as more common disorders such as cystitis - effective in most urinary tract problems. aid the body in eliminating kidney and bladder stones. The saponins found in the goldenrod herb are specifically used against the Candida fungus and yeast infections, also effective in the treatment of chronic sore throats, in alleviating chronic congestion in the nasal passages and digestive disorders and gastroenteritis.
Wonderful plant..you can also use it in essential oil form

Happy Healing


  • cyndi193cyndi193 Posts: 14
    edited September 2018
    Cool Thanks!
  • CherlynnCherlynn Posts: 165 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    It also makes the most beautiful brown dye.
  • StacyLouStacyLou Southern WisconsinPosts: 89 ✭✭
    edited September 2018
    Good question!

    I was just looking into goldenrod the other day after I noticed we had quite a few flowering on our property.

    Thanks for the information Heather and Cherlynn!
  • jolanta.wittibjolanta.wittib Posts: 438 ✭✭✭✭


    Golden rod is blossoming here now, so I will collect some for my herbal teas. But I am in competition with my bees. They love it too!!! So, I will wait a bit and take what is left from bees 😊

    do you collect the blossoming tops, or other parts of the plant as well?

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