Do you have your own website?

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I have a website, but it's all photography and only a portion of the photographs are plant/livestock-related. All are awesome though.  ;-)


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    I have a website too but its related to my core business, but its more of a brochure than an interactive site, personally I am not active on the social media sites, so that is out for me.

    I think its a great idea to post kinks to the grow network to your own social media accounts and such to gain more members in the TGN forums. The more people participate the more the network will grow.

    I think some people are recommending the Grow Network to their clients to be a useful source of information as it pertains to their type of business. Not sure that its a way to generate a personal revenue stream though :) Its more about spreading a wealth of, lets face it, historical knowledge from people with experience in a variety of topics.


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    I’m quite introverted and enjoy my privacy, so I don’t participate in social media. Well, except a LinkedIn profile relating to my husband’s business (I do all the accounting for his computer security business).

    I don’t have a website either, so I’m not much help on this front!
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    <p style="text-align: left;">I am not active on social media.  As far as my business, I am a health and wellness coach.  I don't have a website but I do give my clients links to websites that I feel would help them lead a more healthy lifestyle.</p>
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    I don't have a website.

    I am on instagram, but it is a private account, so really, I am not of much help. I could post something on it, but not many of the folks that I keep in touch with on there would be interested in this type of content, unfortunately.
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    @Peppypoblano, when I did health coaching, I also had a list of 'trusted' websites I shared with clients on an as needed basis. @HeatherDuro, you are right, linking doesn't necessarily mean income producing, at least not at the outset. It usually starts as a 'scratch my back I'll scratch yours' kind of agreement.

    So, let's think outside of the box for those who don't do social media or whose websites aren't necessarily related to self reliance. How can we encourage and support those folks to promote TGN? Word of mouth is great, but only goes so far. Can you offer handouts at your place of business? Can you pass them out at events you attend? Can you share the site with your emailing lists?
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    You would have to have permission from organizers to pass these out at events.

    My thoughts are farmers markets (although this is not until next year now for my area), & health food stores.
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    Quite a few people in our area are homesteaders.  They are also quick to spray every chemical they can get their hands on it seems.  I can see if there would be an opportunity at some of the gardening meetings to discuss TGN.  A lot of our local meetings are held at the volunteer fire dept. so I wouldn't think they would be opposed to posting or handing out info.
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    ive always been a face to face person. I hate (hate is lacking strength to describe my feelings about social media lol) social media because it took human exchange out of the equation .. not to say that my wellness center doesnt have a FB page, its not all that active and I dont get involved in managing it. Besides being on social media only makes me a target because of what I do and if my safety is a concern I can no longer help my clients effectively :)

    If there is an approved flyer I can put them up at our local healthy grocers stores (earthfare, sprouts etc) I can also put them out in my office.

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    I would love to hand out information about TGN, backyard gardening is very popular in my town, and there are dozens of small farms just outside of town.  Unfortunately very few people speak english, so I can't rope them in because they won't understand anything.

    But I will spread the news via social media.  I use social media to keep in touch with friends and family back in the States, plus I belong to a few natural living groups.  I can look for any comments that people make that are within the same context as to what TGN is about, and link any associated article pertaining to the comment to direct them back to TGN.

    I like how this group has different ideas and methods of communication and networking, it makes me think of the saying, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Together we can cover a lot of ground!

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    I have my business webpage (soap & herbalism related), several Facebook groups (soap, herbalism, homesteading, and bushcraft related). I also host gatherings throughout the Midwest.

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    This site is the only social media where I participate.

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    I have several websites;

    And a facebook page;

    Granted, I haven't been posting on them for a while. My time schedule has been pretty cramped lately, but I would be happy to place an ad for the Grow Network on them. Maybe @Marjory Wildcraft could provide us with such an ad and which page she wants it to link to?

    Just as an example; I found some images for joining the community on the Grow Network homepage and threw together a leaderboard banner and a sidebar sized ad.

    So, what do you think, Marjory?

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    i'm a national solar consultant, offering zero down solar. My website is

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    I have several Web sites:

    • Consulting (
    • Photography (
    • Web Development Resume (
    • Getting Back to Nature (

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    I just have my personal blog, This Is Not Where I Thought I Was Going, found at I'm attempting to set up an Etsy page to sell printables. But it's not ready to go yet.

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    It looks like my original post got 'morphed' with someone else's response...I don't have a photography website, LOL!

    The original idea was for Street Team Members with websites to help promote TGN. It seems to have gotten lost in the 'transition'...@Merin Porter @Jimerson , any ideas there?

    But I DO like the idea of members sharing their websites as long as it isn't 'spammy' and in its own forum!

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    I do not have any website(s) simply because there are SO many that even I don't know what to trust. I tried to stick with tried and true as I began my journey and since have developed a relationship with the groups that I have resonated with. I know that there are other good sites and resources out there but I was beginning to get overwhelmed and then the advertising emails and product promotions started to pile into my inbox. I have had to take a step back, breathe and choose what I really wanted to follow. TGN is one of them!!!!

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    I have a few websites. One is related to my non-profit which is in the area of food sovereignty and research into growing practices that don't hurt. The reality of row work gardens is that they can be quite painful and time consuming, so our system helps people with contraints to still be able to grow their own food. I'll definitely be posting there to draw attention to this marvelous resource at the Grow Network!

    My other websites have to do with my personal blog and writing ventures, and my arts/body care/preserve stuff. I'm pretty sure TGN will find its way onto both of those as well, once I get my act together and actually put up some posts (-:

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    I have a website, am very active on most of the social media platforms and have a newsletter that currently goes out to about 1000 people. I would love to share information on the Grow Network with my folks. is my main website.

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    My web presences is only with two Facebook pages (one personal and one public which is a blog about my adventures in my garden) where I post links for the TGN summits. 😊

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    I am having a problem with my website. I can not get in to it and I need to load every thing on to a FTP program. Is anyone good at FTP and have a suggestion on who to use? My hosting site is not being very helpful.