Help with an Old dog with gunk in his eye

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Did you find a solution? I would have suggested a non-medicated saline solution to flush it, but that would have still required wiping.


  • Wendy
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    I flushed it with saline.  It was still gunky.  I had him for  4 days, so tried him on lamb and rice food, with pumpkin added.  Helped with some lameness in his back end, the gunk was way less in his eye and he had a lot ore energy by day 4.  Not sure if it was the community of dogs he played with, or the food change.  I hope the owners keep up the new food.  I'll find out in about a month when they bring him back to the kennel for a week long stay.

    I finally remembered about Dr. Patrick Jones, the  I will look through his stuff online to see if I can find any help.
  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    If you can't find anything, just ask him. Sometimes it takes a bit before you get a reply, but you will most often get an answer.

    Post what you find here so that others can know too!
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    A chamomile tea wash works for pink eye - I’ve used it successfully on a kitten and myself. I just brewed up a strong batch of tea, strained well, let it cool, dipped a cloth in it and wiped the eye several times a day. It works best when you keep the cloth on the eye, but that’s nearly impossible with critters! I know it’s not the same ailment, but it might be worth a try. :)