Sources for vitamins and minerals

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Unless you get into practitioner only product lines (which usually come in as a better, stronger product than the over the counter supplements but Gaia herbs has a great product line (and practitioner line as well) highly effective and the only thing I refer my clients to (otherwise they purchase one of the product lines we carry) However, my opinion on why I have some lines differs from yours..Having a practitioner line doesn't mean MLM, doesn't mean you are pushing someone else product on your client, it means you have researched a particular product lines, you know how they are scientifically formulated and tested and up to your standards, where the herbs are sourced, what the manufacturing process is etc., Most of these companies also will offer you help from their team of researchers and doctors who can offer advice on specifically difficult cases..I don't know how other products which we don't carry are sourced, formulated, and manufactured and the efficacy of them. Not all vitamins are created equal, over the counter vitamins are not as potent and effective as those that are sold through practitioners and i want my clients to have the best products.
But like I said earlier, I like Gaia..Pure is a close second.
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