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Kristin Mills
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I get all my glass from SKS bottling (not sure what other supplies you are looking for)
bulk Herbs and oils from varying organic and ecofriendly sources
I can post a pic of my library (we have one at home and one at the center hundreds of books on varying methods of using herbs and other preparations to achieve homeostasis and overall health)
other than books (mostly materia medica's) and studying ancient healing modalities (Ayurveda, TCM, Homeopathy, Native American and Amazonian medicine, shamanism, alchemy and spagyric alchemy etc.)
Come to think of it TGN is the only social forum I a participate in.



  • Prepperid
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    Help!  Need ginseng (American is fine), Mountain Rose Herbs is out and I need a trusted source for a client.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • H_D
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    for tincture..https://www.herb-pharm.com/product/asian-ginseng/
    starwest botanicals has the root and powder organic https://www.starwest-botanicals.com/category/chinese-ginseng-powder/
    Oregons Wild Harvest is also a trusted source https://www.oregonswildharvest.com/bulk-american-ginseng-root-pwd

    hope this helps
  • AndreaDennin
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    Oh, great resources! Thanks for those links, Heather. I always have good results with ginseng!
  • StacyLou
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    Mountain Rose Herbs is my go-to supplier. Thanks for the additional resources Heather! It’s nice to know of some other reputable suppliers.
    I love Learning Herbs (a.k.a. Herb Mentor) - whenever I have an herbal question this is where I go first. I’ve learned so much from John Gallagher and all the wonderful herbalists featured on his site like Rosemary Gladstar, jim mcdonald, Henriette Kress, and Rosalee de la Foret. I have books from them all except jim. I also have a great book by Richo Cech called Making Plant Medicine. Bonus - if you’re a Learning Herbs student, you get a discount on your Mountain Rose Herbs orders. :)
  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    In Canada, we have some more sources. If I want ready made tinctures, I have used St. Francis Herb Farm brand from Ontario, Canada. If I haven't gathered my own herbs, I use an herbalist's shop in my province. It is Hollow Reed Holistic . I can order online if I wish. He has tinctures & books as well.

    I recently found a medicinal mushroom supply in my province as well. I found them while looking for sources for lions mane. Spirit of the Boreal

    Edit to add: Richters is a great place to buy dried herbs from around the world and also seeds to grow your own. Some of the herbs they carry have quite the unique history. There is a lot of information in their catalogue. It is an interesting read.
  • Suzanne Thomas
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    Just out of curiosity, are you looking for roots or leaves?  I put the majority of my ginseng to "bed" late August.  I usually only harvest the leaves and use them in tinctures.  I have several people who use my ginseng tincture for diabetes.  I have been quite impressed with the results.  It is somewhat late in the season to find someone with plants to spare.  It would all depend on how much is needed and whether it is roots or leaves.