Rabbit breeding, or not!

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Just leave the buck with her for a while, she will eventually allow him to breed when she gets tired of playing hard to get.  Sometimes it is because she is not ready, so wait a couple of days and try again.  When she does allow him to breed, make sure he breeds her three times for best litter results!


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    A note for Marjory - In your colony rabbit video, you talk about rabbits digging and your possible solution is cottontails.  NO!  ALL rabbits and hares will dig.  Cottontails dig their burrows deep in thickets, or under large brush piles where people never see them, not in the open like domestics will.  Breeding cottontails to your does will NOT solve the digging problem, plus if they breed they will cause your rabbits to be smaller.  The best solution for colony rabbits is to make a smaller fenced area and lay fencing on the ground inside the rabbit's area so they cannot dig through it.  I do this with two chainlink dog pens (makes a 10 X 20 pen), and I lay two/strips of 5ft X20ft chainlink on the floor.  Throw some fresh cut limbs for them to chew on and climb around on, add some nest boxes of different sizes with bedding and wala!  Sometimes I will even make a small brush pile in the enclosure that they will use for hiding and nesting.  Domestic rabbits are not actually "rabbits" they are hares - they originated from the European hare.