Crumbling teeth in young adult

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Edit: this is not @LaurieLovesLearning's (my) post, but somehow it was put under my name when the forum was updated years ago. The following is information a member named Heather posted.

teeth is something I have some experience in, albeit not with children but I have dealt with decaying teeth with my hubby for years..

here is a remineralizing tooth powder recipe
3 tbsp. calcium carbonate
2 tbsp. bentonite clay
1/2 cup baking soda
1/4 cup Himalayan salt, whirled in your spice grinder until a fine powder
1 tsp. peppermint eo
10 drops myrrh eo,
10 drops clove eo

my 2 cents worth...Id get to the reason the child can't hold onto mineralization in the teeth (in the same way people with osteoporosis can't remineralize their bones ..bones and teeth are the same) ..lack of enammel should be looked into in the same'll be unable and unsuccessful in remineralizing until you figure out why what you are doing isn't working and the cause of the demineralization and lack of tooth enamel. could be fluoride, too much fruit juice, something genetic etc. vitamin D is key to building bone..raw milk is one way, mushrooms are also high in vitamin D as is Why is a dentist out of the question? not all dentists are trained in the same way, honestly I would seek out a holistic biological dentist to help you with this problem before all her teeth crumble :( can possibly be a calcium absorption issue also.
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    The only flouride is in washing/showering water. None is consumed. Fruit juice is minimal. Coffee was more once she left home. I have similar and rarely drink juice or coffee. I never had an issue until I drank less raw milk, and I was in my late 30s by then. She is 19.

    Vitamin D could possibly be a factor. Raw milk will naturally increase that.

    The only possible alternative dentist is many hours away, hard to get in to see and more expensive than the usual. I am not sure if her benefits (once they kick in) might cover that. I might have to look into this further.

    I have no idea about genetics, but considering that hers is starting way younger than mine, I am thinking that that probably isn't the issue. I recently noticed my husband's getting more "see through" weaker.

    I was wondering about soft vs. med. vs. hard toothbrushes. Everyone has differing opinions.

    Edit to add: There are no longer alternative dentists in our province. By the looks of one map that I found, we would be driving a minimum of 5 hours to see one, and dont even know their reputation.
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    Another thing with the tooth powder recipe that you give...does it have to be e.o. for two of the last ingredients, or might powdered clove & powdered mint be sufficient?
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    yes, you can use powdered clove and peppermint..not to much clove it will numb the mouth :) great when you need topical relief though! :)
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    Awesome. Thanks! I have LOTS of peppermint and powdered cloves takes the costs down a bit more. I will pass the full recipe along.