Marjory's weekend project 2018 11 19 Making Fire Cider!

Marjory Wildcraft
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I love experimenting with fire cider recipes.  I always start with the basic recipe and then add different fresh herbs, or a cinnamon stick, maybe some bitter melon or burdock root.  Anything that will either aid in digestion or help boost immunity.  I used to take my daily shot of fire cider but now I put some in a hot sauce bottle and I use it as a condiment too.  Its so good on meat and hash-browns.


  • PamWatros
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    I made your fire cider for the first time ever last thing I ever did! Now I have made several gifts. It has helped so much at the start of a cold, etc. I layered the ingredients in the jars... absolutely beautiful! I smile every time I walk by knowing that I have made some good "medicine".

    Thank you Marjory's...for sharing this recipe in one of your segments! Changed a lot of things for me.

    Pam W.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Oh Pam, thank YOU so much :)

    You are well on your way now to becoming a Medicine Woman!

  • Midge
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    I had Fire Cider for the 1st time this year,and I love it! But sad to say it was purchased at a store. 😕  I do plan on making a batch this summer. I was taking a shot of it in the morning and  a shot with olive oil in my salad every day,and I was feeling so good!  Thanks Marjory for sharing everything you know,I am just starting to learn about  all natural and herbal health care and look forward to becoming a Medicine Women to my family and friends!!

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    @Midge awesome! I buy things if I don't have time to make them... echinasia tincture for example (I just ran out LOL). But I enjoy the fall ritual of making fire cider in anticipation of the holidays. Now that I've gotten known for it - I love that my family asks for it. So it's become quite specail to me.

  • Missy
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    Marjory could you give the recipe for the Fire Cider. Told some people about it and now I can't find my copy.

    Glad to be back.

  • gennywu
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    Thank you for the reminder to make my batch - I made it last year and really liked it. I will try the hot sauce bottle idea this year.

  • Obiora E
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    Sounds righteous! I made my first (and only thus far) batch of Fire Cider last year. I used the following ingredients:

    Two Mayan Chiles

    Pine Needles

    local Turmeric (root)

    Ginger (root)

    Fermented Garlic (2 bulbs)

    Half Jicama

    Half Red Onion

    Serrano Peppers (3)

    organic Apple Cider Vinegar