Left over coffee use

Was this the grounds or the coffee itself?

I wonder how this would work on chickens... hmm...

I know that red wrigglers LOVE coffee grounds. Certain plants love it too.


  • H_D
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    great uses for coffee grinds
    Pest Repellent
    Garden fertilizer
    compost ingredient
    great for carrots specifically
    absorbs food odors
    natural abrasive
    makes a great facial and body scrub
    cellulite treatments
    among other things
    happy Healing
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    I always heard about it being good for cellulite and facial scrub. Did not know it could be an effective bug repellant. Great!

    One question though. Does it have to be organic or any old coffee grinds?

  • whiteowl2u2
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    The coffee its self that is left over from the night before hat works on lice.  The article I read at the time said that the caffeine in coffee short curcuits (Parden my spelling please.  Stroke 5 yrs ago destroyed my spelling abilities.) the nervous system which kills the adult lice and the nits.
  • whiteowl2u2
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    Nightcrawlers also love coffee grounds.  My Grandparent had a big open box that they raised nightcrawlers in.  My grandfather raised roses and all our coffee grounds went into the flower beds especially around the roses.  His roses rivaled the city rose garden in Eugene Oregon when I was growing up there.
  • H_D
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    IMHO organic and not brewed using tap water or water with fluoride.

    Happy Healing
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    I love hearing how to use the coffee and grounds!  I don't use coffee but I can get stuff for my neighbors.
  • An
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    Hum, good idea to try the spent coffee grounds to get rid of mice and gophers in the garden. I will have to try that as I have a big problem with some type of burrowing animal that likes garlic, onion, potato, chicory, and sunchokes!

  • shllnzl
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    I dump my leftover coffee grounds in the garden, and drink leftover coffee iced the next day with almond milk, stevia and whipped cream.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    left over coffee? That must be like left over wine... or unicorns.. I've never had any in my house.... grounds go to the garden

  • sallyhoward
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    grounds go into my compost

  • maimover
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    Taking the coffee grounds outside and dumping them around the Rose 🌹 bush was “one” of my chores when I was a kid...

  • csinclair461
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    Its supposed to be a good substrate for growing mushrooms as well.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    When I read the title of this discussion I knew I had to read it. What in the world is left over coffee? Surely that cannot exist...like unicorns, right?


  • lmrebert
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    We've been using it all over our yard and we have so many night crawlers in the yard now!

  • Homestead Hubby
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    Into the garden. If liquid make cubes and put in iced coffee all summer.