What are your go to remedies for broken bones?

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Hey Heather,

I would add calendula, it is my go to for any type of "healing" protocols.  I am so sorry he has to go through all this during the Christmas season.

I wouldn't have thought of the golden milk, I will from now on : ).

Prayers for healing,




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    No advice, just sorry to hear about your dad.  He's in good hands.

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    My mother just broke her knee cap. Ouch btw sorry about his ouch! What I made was a salve with StJohn’s wart comfrey Candula and Arnica infused in olive oil with essential oils of black pepper mint cinn. Leaf and lavender. Luckily no broken skin so I made 1% spray and for painfultimes a salve at 5% (it helps for deeper pain) I do not recommend 5% use to long or on broken skin ...She is doing much better good luck to you ? if he has high blood pressure skip St. John’s wart and comfrey and maybe add some chamile. I am fairly new too this type of thing never worried about natural until my granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer she is well now thank god and I am learning again. Thank you for offering this course looks like a great way to learn.
    Ps I am not a doctor or expert and do not claim this is your answer but it worked well with my mom.
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    sorry to hear about your granddaughters cancer..we have battled cancer in my own home (my husband and I both had cancer at the same time) and I work also in herbal oncology with many clients I know the struggle and how it changes your understanding of what "health care" truly is. I am glad your granddaughter is doing well.
    for my dad other than the St Johns wort I think we have everything else you mentioned.
    thank you for your response
    Happy Healing
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    Sorry to hear about your family troubles, Heather. It sounds like you have it under control, though.

    I like slippery elm for healing and have read great things about plantain poultices (haven’t needed one yet).

    Good luck and please keep us updated on his condition!