What's on your holiday wishlist?

Merin Porter
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i would like a specific press for making live resin extracts ;) and of course the raw materials to make the medicine LOL of course a fancy herb press (my hands simply are not as strong as they used to be)

with that said..there are always herbs or a gift certificate to MRH on my wish list a 55 gallon drum of organic grape alcohol would be a fantastic gift HA! Maybe some gallons of coconut and hemp seed and almond oils..and MASON JARS..can never have enough of them.

Happy healing


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    For me, a cheese press and stainless steel containers in which to put our fresh milk.

    If I was dreaming really big, I would like a larger, more workable kitchen, walk in pantry and more land. ;)
  • Deborah Dailey
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    First on my wishlist for myself would be an affordable greenhouse or high tunnel that would not collapse under the weight of a few feet of snow.  My other wish for this holiday season is for at least a couple more of my extended family members to start vegetable gardens.  I have some relatives who find good, nutritious food expensive to buy, but are intimidated by the idea of trying to grow their own.  To this end, I am considering making and giving booklets of gift coupons for time and elbow grease.  Included would be coupons redeemable for so many hours of my time to spend helping to set up a garden space, planting and weeding, as well as possibly building a small raised bed or two.  Of course they would also get seeds and starts, since I always seem to have plenty of extras.
  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I did not enjoy Christmas this year. We (all our mammal animals) are currently still under a cautionary level quarantine. We get rabies results from our skunk "visit" tomorrow if all goes well. Hopefully results are negative so that life can go back to normal and not have to go under a 3 month quarantine. I had to deal with trying to figure out who to call, getting passed from one place to another, then so many calls from govt. people and some conflicting knowledge. Great stuff to make a holiday merry.

    We also had to emergency butcher a steer, due to injury, in this time too.

    To give a summary, one daughter almost stepped on a curled up skunk in the barn, then the dog played skip rope and had a nose to nose fight with the skunk. None of our family had direct contact, thankfully.

    I am hoping to enjoy New Year's Day, hopefully with less stress.
  • H_D
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    OMG Laurie I do hope New Years Day starts off a new fresh year without all that chaos!

    Deborah - my mom started doing the coupon thing when i was a kid, now she gives coupons to my kids (who are adults now) lol
    I gave my daughter a coupon for my homemade bone broth which she loves more than chocolate and body work sessions which she also loves..maybe not more than chocolate though but WITH chocolate she says is perfect (in an attempt to get her to move closer lol) unfortunately travel expenses were NOT included with her coupon LOL however a 12 month savings plan so her and her man can move from NJ to NC has been put in place!! Happy Dance :)
  • Cherlynn
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    I would love so many things but $ is so tight here.  My son's are learning about herbs that grow on our farm and when and how to harvest them.  If they can take over collecting herbs it would be a great blessing for me.   I go a feather duster that is so very awesome.  It has an extending pole.  I can stand on one side of our King size poster bed and dust from the ceiling down to the floor. All around the carved posts and do the mopboards.  So happy to have this awesome feather duster!