Fire Cider Hot Toddy recipe!

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Yeap, that's the recipe my husband and I came up with too!    Hot toddy to kill what ails you!


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    great minds think alike!

    Stay warm and toasty..we are still digging out of this last snow storm lol

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    Hope you get all dugout there.   While all of ours has melted for the most part and warmed up so no white Christmas here,  hope your snow gets sorted out and stays in good places to give you a white Christmas.  Trying to get things finished up and delivered this coming week and then just tuck ourselves in and enjoy a few quiet days.    Will keep hot toddy  in a crock-pot for us to sip on for those couple of days.  We each have a new book specially wrapped for Christmas Eve.   Our new tradition which works well in our family as we all are big readers.  I have party mix, assorted popcorn and dried fruits and nuts for us to snack on.  My youngest son will do our meal on Christmas Eve and I will do the Christmas day meal.  Got all 3 of my big quilts done and just need to bind the last panel for the tent project for my 18 month old grandson's.   Hope you have a wonderful Holiday with your family!

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