Elderberry Syrup Question & advise

the short answer from the allopathic perspective is YES clove is contraindicated in medical procedures, discontinue use at least a week prior to surgery..clove can potentiate anticoagulant activity of warfarin. which indicates using clove will thin the blood and possibly prevent clotting.

here is a list, by all means NOT a complete list, but some of the main herbs to avoid prior to surgery. herbs are contraindicated because they often make pharma med's work faster, last longer and work more effectively, however most medical docs dont know how to or refuse to adjust drug dosing when you implement herbal protocols which is why they tell you not to take any herbal remedies or supplements before surgical procedures, especially with an allopathic doc vs. an osteopath or integrative medical providers.


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    Oh my goodness Heather, you are amazing!  I love the link you shared.  I knew most of the things listed but was clueless that my beloved  chamomile might be a problem. Don't do much with doctors any more but one never knows when you might have to do so!  I buy elderberry juice from a trusted friend.  Makes it easy to make syrup any time I want to do so.  Can't wait to get my own elderberries going.   My friend says it takes several years before my seedlings will start to produce.  They were planted two years ago so I will patiently wait for them.