Have you OVERINDULGED this holiday season?

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I guess this is why I was so happy to just have us home alone this year!  No sugar, no over eating even though we have eaten more meat than we usually do.   We've also switched to Chicory and dandelion root tea instead of coffee.  My husband has really loved this and has quit using our home grown stevia.  Even our son's who eat a lot of processed foods and pop have been drinking herbal teas lately.  I have been working out with one of my son's lately.   His mood has been brighter and he's more active when we work out.  He won't work out here at home so in January I will renew our gym membership.  Even if we have everything here that we use at the gym.


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    how awesome! sometimes its the act of going to the gym and even if its in your own head, having skin in the game by paying for your gym membership or using other people you see at the gym to keep you motivated. GOOD FOR HIM! movement is so important! my soon to be 70 year old mom n I are also joining a gym in January, as we noticed last year all we did was say we have to start exercising again up until my dad broke his foot a few weeks back, then we said enough talk, enough kidding ourselves to exercise at home.. we are joining a gym lol (both parents now have been pulled down and broken bones walking their little 40 lb pooch)

    we (my hubby, myself and my son) are non religious and dont celebrate religious holidays, that being said, EVERYDAY is a holiday in my house usually without the sugar but, I am the granddaughter of a baker (if youre from brooklyn in the 70 and 80's everyone lined up around the block to get in to his store) so I cant be sugar free for too long lol

    I love the dandelion, chicory mix for coffee, there is an ayurvedic blend that is most delicious, many places carry it , ultimately its a combination of (all organic and ethically harvested of course) roasted barley, rye, chicory, Ashwaganda, shatavari, brahmi and something for a deeper flavor..vanilla beans, orange, hazelnut, maple or any other flavor one enjoys

    Happy Healing