ever wonder WHY Omega 3's are so important for you?????

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I know why Omega 3's are important and sure know Fish oil is far from the only source around! I get horrible fishy burbs from fish oil and most of what is available has mercury in it.   I'm glad my state has become enlightened enough so I can legally use endocannabinoids.



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    I am also not a fan of fish oils..purslane and hemp fit me just fine.

    legality LOL never meant anything to me, Ive never been in a legal state and not sure i want to be, not going to give up one right to have another..Im not one to ask permission to take care of my body , im sure you knew that though Cherlynn LOL

    Happy Healing

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    I had been buying my supply online and it came in plain packages.  I never announced I was using anything, don't think it's anyones business but last year a friend was arrested for taking cannabis oil.  I was relieved to see it passed on the November ballet and is legal now in Missouri as of this month.  My friend had told a few others about what he was using.