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How to prepare Ginger root? — The Grow Network Community
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How to prepare Ginger root?

Michael GrayMichael Gray Posts: 3
edited January 2019 in Natural and Home Medicine
personally i use the fresh root, grind it or cut it cook with it, in soups, in drinks, in any asian dish I cook, in baking..but I simply love ginger! I usually drink ginger infused water all day long :)

preparation depends on how you intend to use ginger root. when i use the fresh root for tea or water ..i cut a 1/4inch piece crush it and pour boiling water over it let it steep for 10 minutes and drink.

when I need to use it and store it in the fridge it never lasts long..you can dry it powder ot granulate it and store it in a air tight jar, you do loose some of the beneficial essential oils and potency once you begin processing it

Happy Healing


  • MissPatriciaMissPatricia Posts: 87 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    I have used ginger in baking ginger cookies, in tea, and even in chicken stock. This year I grew some but have not done anything with it yet. It has a very strong taste, I think. Usually I peel or scrape off the outer layer, but apparently that is not necessary if you throw it in the stock pot.
  • Michael GrayMichael Gray Posts: 3
    edited January 2019

    So, I am concerned about potentially losing nutrients when I discard the skin. Am I losing anything by getting rid of the skin?
  • H_DH_D Posts: 391 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    peeling ginger is completely a preference..unlike a potato whos skin has nutrients, ginger skin doesn't have anything more nutritionally speaking than the root. I dont peel (i dont peel anything with an edible skin honestly not carrots, potatoes, turnups etc) usually either simply dice small, slice thin or throw a chunk in boiling water for tea.
    However, some chefs (hobby and professional alike) however, depending on the cuisine being prepared prefer a peeled ginger..its just preference and environment (i owuldnt expect to have unpeeled ginger slices in my food at a restaurant)

    Happy Healing
  • AndreaDenninAndreaDennin Posts: 41 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019

    How much ginger would you put in a crock pot stew, if you want just a little zing? Nothing too overpowering. Hubby won't eat it:)


  • alindsay22alindsay22 Posts: 129 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    One of the easiest ways I use ginger is to finely grate it every morning (skin on), pick up the gratings and squeeze the juice it into a glass with water and drink - sometimes I add a splash of lemon juice.  I then use the pulp in stews, stir-fries, smoothies or anything else I can think of.

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