Soil composting in -16F weather.

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I am impressed. I did not know that it would work that way. Here, I have worried about my chickens when it to to freezing, which they have survived, even down to 16 degrees. I never dreamed that they could go down to -16 degrees.


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    oh, it's a mere -46F Real Feel temp out today.  Keeping the snow around the coop and having boiled water in a kettle delivered to them 4 times during the day helps a great deal.

    We do not open the main entry door because of the wind chill effects.  The coop has a top lid access door.  There we add the boiling water to the open waterer and feed into a trough.

    The coop has black plastic wrap to keep the solar heat inside during the day.

    Every morning we find a slew of tiny birds all huddled near the coop.  They get the gleanings of the feed on the outside ground.  I tend to toss a little out there for them in the morning.  Little birds attack chicken hawks, thus it's like buying protection with the feed. :)