Growing Method Comparison

Ed Bronner
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Let's start off saying "good" weeds will attract good pollinators and add to your soil regeneration of compost to the soil.  If you are focused on organics, avoid straw.  Much of the straw in the USA is loaded with GMOs and pesticides.  Neither of which are good for you or the soil.

You may already know that corn and soy will rob the soil of nutrients vs. giving back to it.

1/4 acre in the city is a rather large lot.  Mulched leaves, farm manure and even clean fish scraps would convert the city lot over to an ideal garden sanctuary.   Chickens help a good deal too, but some cities wither limit this or disallow chickens.


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    Good points. I'm into the tenth year of cultivating a city plot. I'm developing a habit of bagging my leaves and lawn clippings for compost because I know for sure what is is in them. "Good Weeds" is an issue because we have lawn/garden bed appearance policies in place that aren't quite with the natural garden concept. Fortunately, there are several herbs and cultivated flower species that do very well when it comes to attracting pollinators. Althea, hollyhocks, and good old day lilies work well.