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My Chicken Shack build — The Grow Network Community
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My Chicken Shack build

JimersonJimerson Super JPilot Point, TXPosts: 263 admin
edited November 2020 in DIY Tutorials


I just completed a wheel-less chicken tractor (ok, so I guess that technically makes it a chicken coop, but it will someday have a wheel system installed!) and took a bunch of photos of the process. It was designed to keep three hens happy and safe from the various wildlife in the area that would otherwise try to nom them. 🦅

I'm going to share it here over the length of a few posts for anyone interested! Including mistake fixing, I'd guess this took me around 25-30 hours over the span of a month. Someone who knew what they were doing could likely knock it out in 5-10 hours.

Disclaimer: I'm not a carpenter, roofer, painter, architect, or handyman. A LOT of mistakes were made, and a lot of them were covered up. :p I did have a great time building this, even with all the mistakes and patches. The pullets seem to love their new home, too. My hope here is to inspire others who may have never embarked on a project such as this. If I can do it, almost anyone can!

I don't have any blueprints or schematics for the build. The best I got is this, which looking back I find hilarious. You may have less mistakes and a shorter build time if you plan better than this scribbling, hahaha.

Looks pretty close to the final product, eh? Hah!

Additions I intend to add:

  • Windows/shutters to the coop for more breeze during the summer that can close in the winter
  • Better insulation in the coop for the winter
  • Wheel/axle system on one end and handles on the other so I can tractor it around the yard easier
  • Vertical feed storage and water system
  • Nameplates for each hen that the kids will design and paint

More photos of the process coming soon!

-Jimerson 🦕


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