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Terrarium on a Shoestring — The Grow Network Community
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Terrarium on a Shoestring

greenleafgreenleaf Posts: 19 ✭✭

I've been looking at the microgreens workshops with interest, but realized I have one big problem, or maybe eight big problems depending on how you are counting. I have eight cats who think that all things human are for cats.

So...my roommate purchased a clear, plastic tub that can sit in my sunny window and protect my plants from kitties. This project is in the experimental stage. Right now, I am using the tub to start lavender and thyme.

Anyone with experience growing stuff in terrariums feel free to comment. I've already noticed that I need to allow air into the container, and it might be making a field trip to be back yard for some extra sun if the weather is nice.


  • LinziLinzi Posts: 123 admin
    edited April 2019

    I too, have entitled kitties.. haha! And this sounds a little similar to a couple aquarium/animal terrariums I've built to protect against their curiosity. I don't have pics of any I did or have them anymore, but it was something similar to this.

    If you're careful when you cut the opening in the lid, you can save the cut-out piece and use it over the screen to control airflow. You can use epoxy, zip ties, or even just set the screen on top if your kitties aren't too determined (mine were... I used zip ties).

    I'm not sure what humidity you want for microgreens either.. or how high the side walls of your tub are.. but, you might want to drill holes in the sides to allow in more air. Mold has always been my biggest issue when trying to grow sprouts or in terrariums, but this can all vary so much on your local climate too. In general, unless you aim to grow something that needs very high humidity, I'd recommend keeping it on the low end of what your plants do well in.

  • JimersonJimerson Super J Pilot Point, TXPosts: 263 admin

    I like that build. Is that screen strong enough to withstand kitty butts?

  • LinziLinzi Posts: 123 admin

    The premade ones like this are pretty sturdy - https://www.amazon.com/Fluker-Labs-SFK38000-Habitat-16-Inch/dp/B00176EM7I/

    But they're sized to specifically fit aquariums. If you're trying to use it on a storage tub lid or something else, they can be a pain to customize.

    On the diy frame, I used "heavy duty" window screening and JB weld when putting the screen into the frame and to attach the frame to the lid. It held up very well to both the snake that wanted out and the kitties that wanted in, lol. I changed it up and added some zip ties later on to create a makeshift hinge, but you could certainly use zip ties on all sides to secure the screen and I'd bet it would hold up just as well.

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