horsetail equisetum hyemale

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Anyone know where I can purchase horsetail equisetum hyemale in powder form?


  • Linzi
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    I don't know how much I can really say just yet.. But, we may have an incredible opportunity coming up soon for our community.

    It's taken Marjory years to find sources that we trust for any form of equisetum hyemale, and powdered has proven to be especially difficult. (This herb is an impressive "phytoremediator", meaning that it's extremely effective at accumulating heavy metals and other toxins from its environment. Great for the Earth! But... definitely bad if you want to consume it.)

    This is why it's so critical to verify that the source is both absolutely pure and was grown far from any contaminants or pesticides. Just about all powder sources we've found over the years simply couldn't cut it.

    Our luck changed last week though, and we've been working away at the details of not only 1, but possibly 2 sources of ideal-quality, verified equisetum hyemale powder!

    Watch our emails over the coming weeks.. I may be jumping the gun here, and may have already said to much.. but, I'm too excited and couldn't help but to let you in on it too! 😄

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    Frontier Coop has dried, cut and sifted horsetail but I haven't seen any powder. Maybe you could put it in a coffee grinder to powder it.

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