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Let me preface this with...I'm not Greek. But, I do ♥💓♥ me some Greek food! It may be one of my favorite cuisines! And while I may not do this recipe justice, at least in the traditional sense, it still tastes amazing and is a clever way to use up an abundance of eggs!


My husband, Mark and I, have had the pleasure of hosting @Linzi for the last few Friday nights. You see, we're conducting TGN's seed blessing experiment...so, she's been making the long trek to our house weekly for the last month. I try to pamper her with good food and drink when she's here, as I know it's a long drive! So, what did I do?! Made her a rotisserie chicken!

What does that mean? 🍗 Bone broth 🥣, of course!

Also, I happen to have...uh, a few eggs!

And, it's a rare cold front in North Texas...so, 🥚 + 🥣 = AVGO {🥚} LEMONO {🍋}

What is Avgolemono or Avgolémono you ask? Well, it's comes from the Greek word αυγολέμονο or αβγολέμονο and it means simply egg and lemon sauce! Basically, it's a glorious, velvety mixture of broth, eggs, and lemon! You can get creative and add rice, orzo, chicken, and so much more, or less to this soup / sauce.

I LOVE to not only use this recipe as a stand alone soup. But, also as a sauce for fish, chicken, and even meatballs! Yaasss! Greek meatballs! Oh, and let's not forget about dolmades! YUMMM!


Here's a quick overview of how I make this velvety smooth delicacy.




I'm a big fan of onion and garlic in...uh, everything!

Saute' onion and garlic

I used approx. 1 small onion and 5 cloves of garlic

Add spices

I used dill, and oregano


I deglazed using the stock from the rotisserie chicken

Add in the rest of your stock

I had 3 quarts

Next, bring to a boil and add in orzo. Cook approx. 6-8 min.

I used approx. 1/2 cup of Orzo

If you want to make it gluten free, use rice. Just cook it according-ish to the instruction on your rice packaging. Alternatively, just skip the rice all together!

While the grain is cooking, beat some eggs.

I used 6

I also used the leftover breast from the rotisserie chicken. So, I used my time wisely and diced it up while I waited!

I used approx. 1 1/2 to 2 cups of chicken

One your grain is cooked, temper your eggs

This step is super important!!! We're not going for egg drop soup here people! Tempering is easy, just add small amounts of hot stock to your egg mixture until it is approx. the same temp as the soup.

And for the love of God, KEEP WHISKING!!!

*Bonus tip: if you love lemon as much as I do, add the juice of a lemon (or three) to the eggs before tempering.

**Double bonus tip: add 1-2 tbsp. of cornstarch to your egg / lemon mixture before tempering for an even creamier soup / sauce. I know, I know - CORN?! If and when I use cornstarch, I have been using this brand. It's brilliant.

Now, slowly add the tempered egg mixture to the soup


🧂 Salt and 🍋 to your tastes!


I hope you enjoy this lovely soup as much as I do! It really does a wonderful job of using up "leftover" chicken carcasses and all of those extra eggs you may or may not have!

💓 _ Ruth


DISCLAIMER: I post a lot of food related posts here on the TGN forums...and I believe cooking is BOTH an ART and a SCIENCE. However, I'm not very scientific. [Read] 📖: I don't always use exact measurements or even recipes for that matter! So, my best advice to you...The internet is your best friend! Look it up...figure it out...and make your own extraordinary dish! #youdoyou



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