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Hi friends,

Just came across this interesting (looong) article about CBD in the NYT Magazine. Wanted to share with anyone interested in the current research and discoveries related to CBD:


Would be interested in hearing about your experiences with CBD, too.

Thanks! :)


  • H_D
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    nice article <3

  • cre8tiv369
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    That article doesn’t mention organic and marijuana/CBD is something that should never be non organic. Organic CBD is very hard to find and that is really sad. Organic is better, safer, cleaner, and something you smoke or concentrate into a consumable medicinal oil, it’s gotta be organic.

    I got in on a grow network CBD buy and while it was claimed that it was organic, sadly it was NOT and I had to pay to ship it back. There was nothing on the label nor ingredients list that indicated organic. The supplier (limitlesscbd.com) didn’t even offer organic CBD. I emailed Nikki at Grow Network and she sent me two reports that had nothing to do with organic. I told her they showed nothing about organic nor GMO and didn't even test for pesticides (very limited and only tested for CBD content, bacteria, mold, yeast, E Coli, and Salmonella, no testing for pesticides, contaminants, toxins, nothing). Grow network continues to claim that they are offering group buys of organic CBD, but don’t believe it, I suspect they are taking the word of a lying salesperson because there was absolutely nothing indicating the CBD oil was organic and Grow Network didn’t even have a report (not even a fake report) indicating their CBD was organic. If the group buy was for actual organic CBD it would be an ok deal, but for non organic, it’s just standard retail pricing, and that makes it a lame deal.

    The most powerful vote anyone has is with each dollar they spend. Don’t vote for non organic, you don’t want to smoke burned chemicals and you dont want to concentrate them in oils. Grow network may not like me exposing their clever or ignorant ruse (depending on motive) on CBD but that was a bad experience and helping others avoid it is worth any scowl I might get.

    -Peace, Love, and Hippie Thoughts-

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    Hi cre8tiv369

    I believe Marjory has responded to you personally on your concerns of our CBD/hemp products not being labeled as Organic, but wanted to post a clarification here too for the sake of everyone.

    When we were first vetting suppliers for hemp oil, our requirement of it being grown clean and organic was (and is always) our highest concern with any herbal based products we ever sell. For hemp products especially it's a tricky legal situation right now though due to the decades of prohibition and only recently being legalized for growing at all, let alone with "organic" certification.

    It is currently very rare or impossible to find any hemp products certified as organic, and to quote Marjory on why - "there is no 'organic' CBD available right now because the word 'organic' is owned by the USDA. The US Gov't has not allowed any hemp crops to be organically certified. That just changed with the new Farm Bill and it will take a bit of time for farms to get full certification."

    In response to your concerns and others brought up by our members, we reached out to LimitelessCBD (our only supplier currently), down below is the response we received from Limitless.


    It is 100% organically grown. He is right about one thing, it is hard to find anything certified organic is because of laws in the past. Due to the farm bill passing it allows crops to be certified and covered by insurance. But there actually haven't been any crops from my awareness that have been harvested that are certified organic. If there has been it has only been for government use and tests and very little if any for our manufacturers and suppliers like us.

     I would also emphasize that this is hemp CBD not marijuana, especially for legal reasons but also because of what I mentioned earlier, hemp has been illegal to grow except for research until the end of 2018...

    They mentioned that you didn't have testing or verification that it is no GMO. I have attached testing that shows the CBD used doesn't have any pesticides, microbes, etc...The test is from our CBD processor. We can send it in and have our name on it, if you need it to? As I mentioned their are not an organic certification for hemp, but this is verification that it is a very clean product. It does not have the words organic on it, but if the field it was grown in could be registered and certified they would be. I also know they plan on going through that process to be registered.


    I hope this all helps to clarify why our labeling cannot currently use the word "organic" even though it is grown in the US and to the USDA Organic standards, and as soon as we're able to, it will be certified and carry the USDA label.

    We do make quality test reports available for each batch purchased of our Hemp Oil too.

    Please let us know if you have any other concerns I can assist in addressing!

    We never do or want to be seen as pulling marketing stunts and always strive to be transparent in all our offerings. We're the pickiest of people personally when it comes to what we put into our own bodies, and even more so on anything we put The Grow Network name on. 😊