Chick weed

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I know Marjory said chickweed was good for something last year but I can't remember what. I found a big patch and I need to know what its good for. My husband will be mowing it down next week so I hope someone answers me soon!


  • cre8tiv369
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    I have always enjoyed the heck out of eating it fresh because it's delicious. Heathers article above nailed it and is well worth reading.

  • Merin Porter
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    Scott Sexton wrote a post on weed gardens, with a decent-sized section on chickweed. Might want to check it out here:

  • sarah121
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    @Cherlynn Chickweed is just FABULOUS for burns and scalds. One of the best things you can do with it is make a salve. It works really well together with marigold. As an herbal student, one of my first ever projects was to do this. I gave my salve to a friend who was a chef. She had diabetes which meant that her frequently burned fingers took a long time to heal. She tried the salve and it worked so fast that she learned how to make it herself. From then on she always kept a jar on hand in the kitchen. I would recommend using a crockpot or slow cooker to heat the oil and the herb material together very slowly. This is a great way to get the properties from the herb without burning the plant material. Good luck with your experiments!

  • Karin
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    I have made a salve suing chickweed which is great for any skin condition. My neighbour uses it for any little cuts or grazes she gets and my mother used it for her psoriasis. Chickweed is very nutritive and also a good cleansing agent.

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    I'm still learning but I incorporate it into salads when it's growing abundant, tastes great.

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    Chickweed! One of my favorites. It is especially welcome when not much else is growing and is so mild that it can easily be added to savory or sweet (summer smoothie). I haven't tried making a salve of it yet, but what a great herb to have on hand!

  • Melissa Swartz
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    I made a chickweed, plantain and calendula salve and it's great for any type of skin irritation. It also soothes bug bites. Even more interesting, chickweed is an ingredient in some weight loss medications and reduces inflammation. Here's a link to an article with more information about that and other uses for chickweed:

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    My husband used it for spring allergy relief, gathered and ate it straight from the yard. Worked better for him than anything else he tried.