Adventures In High Performance Gardening 4 - outrageous gardening clothing and predators

Lynn and I discuss the options for protecting the garden - what's the best? And what method did I choose and why?

Plus check out those gold boots! Lynn knows she secretly has Gold Boot Envy. Definitely post you most crazy garden attire (or accessories) down below!

Hey!!! the emoji's are back! I am going to find a fun one.... these mysterious emoji's are sometimes there, and sometimes not... 🐭 🐏 🐒 🐑 ha, ha, loved that sheep there !


  • Jimerson
    Jimerson Posts: 291 admin

    Those boots are quite a spectacle to behold! Maybe they are scaring away your emojis though? hahaha

  • Midge
    Midge Posts: 13 ✭✭✭

    I love to be barefoot in my garden! Love the feel of the warm dirt under my feet. If I could be barefoot year round i would,but unfortunately we get this white stuff called snow!