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the comeing little iceage is something you need to be awaire off — The Grow Network Community
The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


the comeing little iceage is something you need to be awaire off

there are a lot of scientist now saying we are entering a little iceage as this will effect growing seasons you need to be awaire of it we may be forced to grow food indoors with aquaponics i d like to see aquaponics covered here

for more on he comeing little iceage cheak our adapt2030 iceagefarmer and scitntist john casey on youtube


  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,401 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The weather's been cooling, & again heating, & other trends since the planet by God was created... Some of the more recent warming for instance was caused by Deforestation from the air being intentionally 'seeded' & that needs to Stop so more areas don't become deserts ! Also Glyphosate ensuring too much farm-land being forced to be corrupted & sterile, & worse - taking years to recover is another ecological disaster.

    And re the mini ice-age in parts of the planet for some years already: No need to spend $$$ for aqua-ponics. Why? The Healthiest, by far, stage of food is during the 1st. month as the seeds Sprout... with very little space, & little equipment, & even tiny effort. Maybe some windowsills, etc. iow no 'forced'. Rather it is pleasurable getting all this superior whole-food plant nutrition anytime you need & want.

    Also good to save/store some food, for times of need; sorta like some hibernating animals. Kinda intelligent, don't you think? 🙂

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