20 Lost Recipes From The Pioneers: What They Cooked On Their Journey Westward

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This was a neat article: https://centex.news.blog/2019/06/17/20-lost-recipes-from-the-pioneers-what-they-cooked-on-their-journey-westward/

For starters, I had no idea that recipes used to be called receipts. Kinda cool..

I love how some of the food was multi-purpose, like pocket yams. Cook it, warm yourself with them, then eat!


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    I just recently saw this on Facebook! Pretty cool!

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    I'm trying to think of some other multi-purpose foods.. not like how Pringles can be used to make duck lips..

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    That's hilarious heather! 'Car Burritos' were a serious tradition for us, but we never heated any food in the motor compartment! 🤣

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    I cannot say that I've ever put anything in a motor compartment...but, we do travel to Chicago a couple times per year...and it's a 14 hour drive.

    Last year, I invested in a hot logic mini!


    I may have to invest in the casserole size for our future trips...

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    just to confirm ... by motor compartment I dont mean inside the engine just somewhere under the hood lol 🤣

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    What?! You weren't using direct internal combustion to broil your burritos?! 😋

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    Now there is an idea!

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    @Jimerson incase ya'll wanna know my secret ;)


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    LOOOOOOOOL!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying over here.

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    I've read elsewhere about using mud to bake food. I really enjoyed the directions for the Kid Pie,

    "Then return pies to oven for enough time to repeat The Lord’s Prayer three times,"

    And @Heather Duro there's not a darn thing wrong with using a warm engine to heat/cook your food! 🤣

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    Well, you had better check for mice & nests first is all I can think...unless that doesn't bother you, I suppose.

    I have heard of these travelling car meals before, though.

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    Your link for 'in case you wanna know your secret' is gone...

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    Keeping your hands warm with potatoes is nice, but what if you need to cure the plague? Or come up with a menu for that 20 course dinner you are planning? Then take a look at this http://www.gutenberg.org/files/14377/14377-8.txt

    It is a cookbook from 1675. Disclosure- I have not read all of this. I first saw it about 15 minutes ago, but it looked too cool not to share. Not the most user friendly format, but fun to look through. There is a table of contents if you scroll down to the bottom. It is divided into two books. The second half seems to be a wide variety of recipes, but the first half is mainly various preserves, including pickles, candies, marmalades and... home remedies.

    Some highlights:

    I'm pretty certain that #44-46, 64 mean "consumption" as in the illness, not as in something edible.

    # 116 - freckles be gone! They must have really disliked freckles to go through all that.

    # 102 imitation bacon candy! Marchpane is marzipan, or something similar, if memory serves me correctly.

    Uh, please don't make # 14. pretty cruel to the poor Roo.

    Check out #259- you make Parsnip "flour" then use it 50/50 with wheat flour to make a cake without sugar. I'm really tempted to try that.

    also check out #247 in part two. Mmm, cabbage pie.

    Okay, now that I'm done making fun of it, there really are some intriguing ideas. And I really do want to try #259

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    Oh, and the menus are in part two.

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    @H_D and @Jimerson i fought wildfires for years and when we weren't close to the fires and they would give us burritos in our lunch we would start up the truck or the bus wrap our burritos in aluminum foil and put them on the radiator

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    For those doing a lot of traveling. Check some of the truck stops, (like Flying J) They had tiny little ovens, crock pots, even a frying pan that plugged into your cigarette lighter. On one very long trip I made a meatloaf in the oven.

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    My mom couldn't make it without her coffee. She had a full size coffee maker that she plugged into her lighter(that dates it, right?). I used it for making soup on Winter trips. I've been known to keep foul in the vehicle s lo specifically for wrapping food and putting it on the engine block. Foods ready when you're finished with a hike or shopping.

    I love the car appliances, be making a trip soon and that would help us so much.