Sous Vide ... Anyone? πŸ₯©

Ruth Ann Reyes
Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 577 admin

Anyone else into Sous Vide?

I find it the only reliable way I can perfectly cook a steak...e v e r y t i m e .... But, I'm curious what other people might use the sous vide for...

Since I'm a huge fan on the Instant Pot brand, I own this one.


  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    What the heck is Sous Vide???

    @Ruth Reyes-Loiacano I am lovin' those emoticon things you manage to find!

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 577 admin

    Sous Vide is a cooking method that previously was only used in commercial kitchens, which is where I first saw it used. An Applebee's kitchen to be exact! πŸ˜‰ However, they've now made neat little kitchen appliances to be used at home!!!

    Basically, it goes like this....Food is vacuum-sealed in pouches and is slowly brought to temperature (or just below temperature) in a circulating water bath.

    In the restaurant industry they often use it to keep steaks rare...And when you get an order - you just pull it out - sear it to the customers desired temperature...and wallah! It's a delicious time saver! We also used it to keep "backup" soups warm.

    I use it mostly to cook steak...because I ALWAYS overcook them. This way, it is virtually impossible for me to over cook steak. 🍽️

    Oh, and here is secret to awesome emoji's 🀫

  • ines871
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    forgot I had that bookmarked. Thank you Ruth 🌈

  • Grammyprepper
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    This is another one of those trends I've seen that I just sit back and watch. Like the Instapot. I don't have room for another gadget that will rarely get used, honestly. I may still get an instapot, just not sure yet. But sous vide? I think it's one I can do without.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
    Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,613 admin

    Thanks @Ruth Reyes-Loiacano ... how long does the steak have to stay in the water bath before it's ready to sear?

    Yes, @Grammyprepper I hear you about the preciousness of counter space! I am in a minimizing phase of my life right now.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 577 admin

    @Jimerson has a low tech kitchen...I have a high tech kitchen. To each their own @Grammyprepper ... Trust me, I have more fancy gadgets coming your way soon! hahaha!

    Cooking, canning, and preserving are one of my biggest hobbies and a huge part of homesteading for me. Anything that can make the job easier or can yield a better result is a friend in my book. Also, my years of restaurant experience have left me longing for a commercial kitchen in my home. Would that look out of place in my 1970's Texas ranch? πŸ€”

    I like to think of all my gadgets like craft supplies...Only my kitchen gadgets actually get used πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜!

    @MarjoryWildcraft I usually buy a whole beef tenderloin from the local ranch and trim it myself. For tenderloin, 20 to 30 minutes and then a quick sear.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 577 admin

    You're welcome! I run social for TGN ... and well, I use them all the time!

  • silvertipgrizz
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    I used to watch a lot of cooking shows and am a rib eye fiend, on the grill of course.

    They show methods of how to tell if the meat is rare etc ...Oh I think I remember the bar b q guy from Arizona demonstrating it as well.

    I cannot remember exactly how, but they test by pressing their finger? or thumb? into the meat and they can tell that way.

    Later today I will try to find the info for you. Hopefully in video form.

    I have seen this method you are talking about a fairly long time back and would love to have one for days you can't grill outside for whatever reason. Which make/model do you prefer and where could one be purchased?



  • dimck421
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    I don't have one, I always run to my bff's, the iron skillet and the Insta Pot pressure cooker. :)

  • cre8tiv369
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    Sorry Ruth, this chef doesn’t cook anything in plastic or Teflon forever chemicals. Even at low temps for sous vide, you are cooking inside a sealed plastic bag, sometimes with acidic ingredients like citrus, vinegars, etc. All plastics are completely saturated with Estrogen mimickers and toxic chemical that leach out. I go with glass, stainless, cast iron, ceramic stoneware (not the toxic ceramic non stick coatings they pretend are not toxic), copper, and steel. I don't let my food touch plastic, aluminium, Teflon, or anything else new and not proven safe. A flavourful braise or poaching liquids are much much much better and a thousand times safer.

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