CBD users.. how long did it take for you to notice an effect? if any?

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For me it was 2-3 days taking one 1500mg soft-gel a day before I noticed a huge impact on my mental wellness.

When I use the CBD freeze roll-on for knee or other aches, it takes about 2 minutes lol. That stuff is magic. 🙌

What CBD products do you use and how long did it take for a noticeable effect? I ask because I have seen some people have their CBD for less than 2 days and they complain that it doesn't work for them..



  • Jimerson
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    Oh also, if you use the oil, what is your preferred method? Edible? Vape? Soft-gel? Straight oil?

  • Jimerson
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    Wonderfully insightful response, @Heather Duro ! I had actually not heard of taking these oils as suppositories. Is there any benefit to doing that over just eating it?

  • H_D
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    I think eating it is best overall however, suppositories wont get you high so when using cannabis oil or RSO and you dont want to be high even taking 1000 mg of oil rectally wont get you high..easy way for day time dosing ...when there is a medical issue we tend to stick to get it as close as possible..so anything from the waste down I always offer suppositories as an option.

    Again though depends on what you mean by "these oils" hemp CBD oil isnt the same as CBD oil that is a concentrated product they are both oils though. It can get confusing lol


  • Jimerson
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    Thanks again for the great info!

  • Midge
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    I used 3 different types of CBD oil for relief from pain. I need replacement on both knees,but insurance says I'm to young(54). I used drops under the tongue and a salve. They took the edge off of pain so I could sleep,before using it I didnt get much sleep. I had the round of 3 shots per knee and cortisone per knee. That only lasted 2 months,hence trying CBD. I'm currently back on meds through doctors until I can find something that works good.

  • Jimerson
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    Hi @Midge , just curious if the CBD freeze roll has done anything to ease the pain in your knees at all, if you've tried it?

  • Cherlynn
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    It did nothing for me except it ruined my liver. If you have problems with your liver stay away from CBD oil! It really screws up your liver!

  • Joel
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    Heather, please elaborate on the difference between hemp CBD oil and CBD oil.

  • GayleChany
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    I tried CBD oil under the tongue for two months. I also tried antiaging cream. I had no results, positive or negative. I started out with a few drops drops and worked my way up to 20 drops /per dose which was the recommended amount. I had hoped it would help me with chronic headache pain but I was out of luck. It was a complete waste of money.

  • Lisa Karre
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    I make, use and sell CBD Infused topicals and sublingual oils. I take the sublingual oil everyday and find it helps greatly with my anxiety And overall well-being. I sleep better. And the topicals are amazing for pain, headaches and skin irritations. I have lots of people taking my oil and using my topicals with great results💜🌿

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    Lisa Karre,do you have a site to order from?

  • Kathy
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    Most of these comment dates are older, hope I can join in. I've tried CBD products and I say that they work. I have horrible neuropathy pain in my feet. I use a topical cream and oral CBD. Together, these help decrease to completely make the pain diappear.

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    @GayleChany I picked up some 500 Topical Cream (Ultra Concentrated CBD Hemp Oil) by American Shaman.

    For headaches, I was told to rub a small amount of the cream into the skin behind both ears and also a small amount in my "third eye" position on my forehead. It works for my regular headaches 98% of the time. The small failure percentage is for those headaches that return and need more product.

    Those times I notice a migraine coming on, it is too late for subtle treatments and I am forced to use painkilling drugs.