Recycling nuclear waste into batteries - wow, this is very hopeful

Diamond Batteries Made of Nuclear Waste Can Generate Power For Thousands of Years

Within the past 40 years the US has amassed 76,430 metric tons (84,250 tons) of this waste. And this waste has a half-life of like thousands of years???

I've always been very concnered as most of that waste in the US is stored in 'ponds' right next to major river ways (for access to the cooling water). Talk about the potential for problems...

Scientists from the University of Bristol Cabot Institute are researching / developing a lab-made diamond that can generate electricity and is made from upcycled radioactive waste.

The batteries would have an incredible life-span.

Here is one of the best articles on the topic.

And snopes fact checker, says yes, this is real, but still very theoretical. So you won't e able to get one for some time.

But how hopeful!


  • ines871
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    Highly doubtful, - but had a look-see: did you see the bottom statements: "Nuclear contamination is safely stored away until it stops being radioactive.... with a half-life of 5,730 years. .... The scientists found a way to heat the radioactive graphite to release most of the radioactivity in a gaseous form. The gas is subjected to high temperature and low pressures that turn it into a man-made diamond."

    First, they're blatantly lying, yet again re "safely stored", as there are documented LEAKS into the world-wide oceans, & therefore ground-waters. Next, you're going to keep a 5700 year diamond of highly radioactive material as a battery anywhere near you???

  • H_D
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    nuclear anything should not happen UNTIL they can figure out how to remediate the existing radiation plaguing the planet and understand how to safely dispose of current waste..until we can do that I an not for anything nuclear. Recycling the waste is not an answer IMHO (just like recycling plastic isnt the answer to the plastic pollution.

    Speaking about nuclear power..have you seen Chernobyl on HBO? opened up a can of political worms lol