BONES grow ever stronger from healthy exercising, diet & supplements

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in a previous discussion Heather mentioned "Prescription for Nutritional Healing". a book floating around here somewhere too. - Then she mentioned Homeopathy's benefits, after her mom broke her hip, twice.

Tissue salt No1 Calcarea fluor (Calcium fluoride) – increases the elasticity of the connective tissue, ligaments and tendons as well as the firmness of the bones and teeth.

Tissue salt No2 Calcarea phos (Calcium phosphate) – Bones act as reserves of minerals, most notably calcium and phosphorus. Calcium phosphate regulates the formation of extra bone, thus preventing spur development.

Tissue salt No11 Silicea (Silica) - Silica is silicon dioxide, a trace mineral found in bones, teeth, skin and eyes. Silica acts as a regulating factor for the deposition of calcium and phosphorous in bone tissue. Supplementation reduces the number of osteoclast cells, thus primarily preventing bone reabsorption and bone loss. Silica is absorbed very slowly by the body and in osteoporosis it has to be taken as a long-term treatment. ( "

My mom (aware of the crap that passes for 'food' in the US), wanted to make SURE she would keep her bones strong... so aside from growing a 100by200 foot garden in Fla, she also consulted homeopathy & kept an ever-growing such pharmacy, plus also taking supplements. - Long story short, she ended-up fracturing... her nose, jaw, hips, etc. by age 67 !! - afaik, other than walking... everywhere nearly all of her 85 year life, she did not engage in any other weight-Bearing fun such as for example Gymnastics & ice skating.

Otoh, I have not done homeopathy, but for ten years as a child I Snow-skied 4+ months yearly, & rest of 8 months enjoyed gymnastics (they have the densest bone mass of anyone on the planet), plus was the fastest/leanest sprinter to the finish line. - Fast forward 20 years in the US when (after 1 of the most horrific crimes a mother can face), a Dexa-scan interpreted "age 40, alarming bone loss, Swiss cheese has fewer holes". - Naturopath insisted I had to start oral Premarin; - which I knew to totally REFUSE, as pregnant horse-pee has NO place inside a human body. Instead I told her "Aha, God is putting me on Notice yet again: How long have you wanted to learn to Iceskate, 25 yrs ? Better get with it". - Appalled she yelled No,no,no you will end up a quad on 1st. fall on any ice. Once an adult, never mind you, can Never risk anything. <- I paid that fool no mind.

But never got started on the ice, & in lessons until 55. - However many x you fell learning to walk, now multiply by 4, or is it 20 ? lol. - Yes & then shared photos of me passing 1st. 2 Ice-tests complete with showing falls on practicing more Senior moves had no skills for, but I skated them for totally fearless Child-like fun ! - Never once broke a bone, not in countless Beginner falls which are worse as lacking all kinds of skills. Docs could not believe their eyes. - Fast forward 5 yrs. in the garden, & I broke left-wrist, & refusing surgery, later that shoulder after practicing P.T. hefting around 30 lbs. cement blocks, lol - okay a bit too much.

Questions: except for the silica, how are Calcium "fluoride, & phosphate" any better cell-assimilated/used, than other sold stuff ? - the real question: What specific form(s)? of each needed mineral are the most-readily absorbed into the cell, & used in this case for maintaining an Optimal bone matrix for any healthy chosen movements...

re Allopathy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, any other sort of PATHY: they all have in common 'disease', their own way of fixing... disease. - Yet Botany & Herbology appear as less man-made religions, & more like how God created life to begin with, & for our benefit. Thoughts?


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    Brother, that ^ was another mouthful, lol - so Heather, of the 14 (or so) Minerals we benefited from, What specific form(s) ? of each needed mineral are the most-readily absorbed into the cell, & used. - Some of ours are amino-acid-bound chelated minerals taken with food Bid:

    Calcium = for 20 yrs. we've used the citrate form. but with a bunch of crap added that I don't want. You mentioned Algaecal question: Where do they source the Algae from? - iow, next to a pack, would a Geiger-counter go Off ? - OR does it come from Klamath lake, as other Blue/Green algae products we used for years. - Just don't utter around me the forms whatever..."Oxide, or carbonate, or oyster-shell, or nicotinate, or poly-nicotinate, or sulfate, or some other abominable things", i go ballistic... with some exceptions, the Best/most bio-available Multi-mineral I've found, for $23 ($0.25 each) it has Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Potassium, Selenium, Vanadium & Zinc. - NO iron or lithium.

    Iron+ amino acid glycine (forming iron bis-glycine chelate) with food was shown to be absorbed 2 to 4x better than ferrous sulfate (a common "salt" form that only constipates so obviously it's Not used).

    Lithium orotate - this superior form up to only 20 mgs. daily is NEURO-protective, plus neuro-generative... - (whilst working in 3 psych hospitals, had to dispense the carbonate form up to 1800 mg/day; this planet's gone totally OFF its rocker, Yikes!)

    magnesium diglycinate (chelate of magnesium and glycine) better absorbs, than magnesium oxide. Oxide-anything is total crap: when docs wanna clean you out for tests, they make you have the trots with that stuff. Yuck!

    Selenomethionine (chelate of selenium + amino acid methionine) better absorbed than sodium selenite.

    vanadium Foods w/ the largest amts of vanadium include herbs (parsley, Dill weed), & mushrooms. Another reason I prolly crave parsley most days.

    Zinc bis-glycinate increased the bioavailability of zinc by 43%, when compared to zinc gluconate. so they put only 14.1% of magnesium glycinate in the formula). Manufacturers are required to list the amount of actual, or "elemental" magnesium on labels. Whereas 16.2% of magnesium citrate is actual magnesium -- the rest is citric acid.

    question: encountered conflicting info re Hydroxy-apetite & strontium do Not resorb as bones remodel; iow over time they make bones more brittle? - How do you understand that Heather ?

    Obviously supportive Vitamins are as well needed, covered in next post. Thanks for sharing your professional experience Heather.

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    your comment re allopathy and all the pathys..a naturopath doesnt treat disease we treat the root cause. which may not look like its the issue at all. Homeopathy treats the person in front of you..again the remedy matches the picture of what is going on with that person. Liver for instance is what we support when we see someone with a skin issue. Botany and herbology are "sciences of study" of plants and herbs not comparing the same thing here :)

    as for the can look on their website and do your investigation.. its not radioactive (i have several Geiger counters none went off (concerns of ours as well) the product is not based on shells etc. However in general there are different calciums for different reasons so ensure you're taking the right one. for your body condition.

    calcium directly may not be what the body he case of mineralization, I do believe like with how the body makes the hormone vitamin D..its a conversion process and if something is amiss with that, it doesnt matter how much calcium you take your body wont absorb it..with that said, gut health and pH levels are imperative in mineral assimilation. the farther away from 6.6 your secretions are the more minerals and nutrition drop off as being able to be assimilated. (this is RBTI) its the same with magnesium..different types for different purposes.

    Going back to the RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of ionization if the pH is out of range and other factors such as sugars, proteins in the urine etc. creates an environment in the body where mineral and nutrient absorption is poor, with that said balancing the RBTI numbers helps the body maintain optimal functionality. (this is also where the calciums come in not only for building bone but to hold onto said bone)

    not sure where you got the 20 mineral number from..we need 90 essential nutrients..60 Minerals, 16 Vitamins, 12 Amino acids, 3 Essential Fatty Acid..all of which we do not make ourselves, so a deficiency or inability to absorb any of them for an extended time will/can result in disease expression. For instance someone who has a part of their intestines cut out for weight loss surgery will eventually have a tough time with the part of the intestine that absorbs iron is often taken out.

    Homeopathy is a different animal..the cell salts , technically are not homeopathy do have active ingredients of the salts they are. IMHO they basically have a handful of common itises that are all direct results of lacking that mineral in the body. with specific symptoms presenting its easy to chose the right one. So with that I dont understand your question.

    what is the specific study or article you are reading on strontium..Ive read many. Usually its the difference in sourcing or manufacturing between elemental strontium and radioactive strontium..from how I understand, the non radioactive strontium at the cellular level is larger than calcium and absorbed int he same way so if you are rebuilding swiss cheese bones (which is exactly how the doc described it to my mom) a combination of things are going to be needed. Plus getting to the root cause of WHY the body has decided to stop adding bone and start absorbing the minerals.. can be something not bone related AT ALL..also consider kidney health..the kidneys and in todays world symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, kidneys rule the bones in Chinese medicine then Id also consider looking into the health of the parathyroid gland.

    again not one pill will be magic sometimes it is but not very often, the body is complex machine that when balanced optimally works wonderfully, its complicated, overlapping in body systems then you have to factor in chemicals and toxins you may not have even been aware of.

    as for strength of homeopathy vs herbs vs food. Ive had clients who's bodies are so compromised, that the herb, probiotic or whatever else I offer is to strong, promotes to much of a reaction, this is where I like homeopathy, its gentle and for us a lot of times bridges the gap, then we can introduce other supplements and they are more effective. For instance most of my clients start of a homeopathic drainage liver/kidney kit. the ones that dont have a harder time achieving their health goals than ones that take the drainage, heal much faster from whatever ailed them prior

    This is why I HATE Dr. Google.

    Happy Healing Heather

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    Hi Heather, - wow! - came home from work, to this? - Had to re-read response, to see if I screwed-up? - I am not the individual that you, in your mind, addressed; example: "again not 1 pill will be magic".

    Also I've never heard of Dr. Google, who ? - or were you leading to the search-engine aka Google ?? <- why bother. -- that masses entertain themselves on facebook, gmail, google, theatres, TV, twitter, yahoo, blah..., can fortunately Not capture everyone.

    Asking... about a discussion re the commonality or 'root' if you will, of practices, should not be mistaken as an offense. - I meant no offense. Apologies if you went there.

    re response "what is the specific study or article you are reading on (whatever it may be), you said you read "many". But mostly I speak of actual experiences... of different people (not mere readings). For instance, a fellow skater was told hydroxyapatite would, - oh never mind. The point is misinformation even worse when intentional, ruined her passionate hobby, such that from then on all she could do was, longingly... watch.

    re minerals. & absorption: I understand Ph. - Twice in different contexts you said not understanding my questions. Fair enough, perhaps sometime in the future I would be willing to further the conversation. - Wondering IF you operated under an Assumption, that just because someone is willing to engage in conversation, automatically as a 'licensed doctor' what you were taught... to practice..., is more intelligent, rational, & insightful than other people's m.o. - Have you heard of Dr. William Davis MD. book "UNdoctored: Why healthcare has Failed you, & How you can become smarter than your doctor", written for the millions upon millions of people still existing in the system-manufactured/induced COMA of "got a pain?, or more symptoms?, go see the doctor" - Primarily in emergency/trauma(s) do MD's (when competent) excel... , but for most chronicities, more challenges than not dissolve, returning to a healthy & happy core-being.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if Independent (intelligent, rational, & insightful) thinking in people is encouraged. In our family we have been since early childhood 'outside the common box' believers, thinkers, & growth facilitators, as have many others. Examples are plentiful, the more open-minded anyone becomes.

    Fundamentally how we differ in our m.o: You operate on a current belief system of "the body is complex machine". --- That all LIFE to humans 'physically appears...' complex, does NOT change us into a "machine". Beyond such finiteness, Truth be told we are eternal energetically Alive beings... materializing varying physical realities according to our subconscious prenatal-imprintings+prenatal experiences+beliefs plus after birth our conscious thoughts+attitudes+actions+habits in soul+mind+body. - A machine, Heather, does NOT have such abilities because it & by extension AI lacks forever a soul attached to a mind. - One of my finals was a one hour session with a person who had lost nearly everything, & suffered 365 under raging anger. - Forty minutes: & he transformed into what he desperately wanted... & upon successful Future-pacing, genuinely grinning & hugging everyone, he walked into his new earthly life, at peace. --- Science, during moments bothered, calls genuine Healing success(es) "anecdotal". - Yet when inherent passion to help is with expanded models of understanding married, it's well.... it is just Fulfilling.

    Maybe sometime we can share more... Thank you for your time, Heather

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    you have completely mistook what I discussed. Machine is used in a very general term to explain a system of interworking systems that are dependent on each other for balance.

    But thank you for your conversation you really pigeonholed me into a box I am not even close to being in, seems that this was your m.o. to begin with.

    I have not discussed my Belief system at all. that is a gross over assumption on your part @rainbow

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    When I start a discussion..., as I did on this particular subject, and REPEAT a central question, no less twice: " the real question: What specific form(s)? of each needed mineral are the most-readily... absorbed into the cell, & used in this case for maintaining an Optimal bone matrix for any healthy chosen movements...", - AND next state what in our family we have been attempting to benefit from for decades, this " What specific form(s)? of each needed mineral are the most-readily... absorbed into the cell " IS the theme I appreciate insight into.

    Without repeating the whole OP, here are the specific Minerals in question:

    1. Calcium = for 20 yrs. we've used the citrate form. but with a bunch of crap added that I don't want. You mentioned Algaecal and I thank you for assurance this product won't set-off a Geiger-counter. As time allows, I will check into it.
    2. Iron+ amino acid glycine (forming iron bis-glycine. - Actually there's another Formula (of multiple dozens we have also used), - but - ooops I need to go to work right this minute.

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    seems like you're the one still in the allopathic world in the way you think and form questions. @rainbow youre asking a lot of specific questions to your own or families health, that is NOT whats this board is for, I would advise to seek out a naturopath or practitioner of your choice for health concerns specific to you and your family, all I or anyone posting on TGN boards is offering is general advice which should trigger a learning process on your end

    To assume everything in a posted response is there only for you , in a public forum that exists to help people learn, shows exactly who someone is. you're asking my opinion based on my field of study then ATTACKING me for it. I gave you my opinion based on what I know and have experienced personally and in a clinical setting, I provided you with many avenues to explore for specific questions to be answered. These posts for for everyone to learn from and to trigger more learning or research not just for the OP

    for everyone .....As to what forms of minerals are needed..THAT is a root cause issue..could be different variations of minerals for different conditions. again the root cause and complete health history is necessary to know what protocol to put someone on.

    I have never heard of a useful protocol that was good for everyone across the board without exception, Which is why its important to understand the energetics of an herb, and delve into TCM or Ayurveda medicine to understand how the wonderful "machine" of a body we have is completely interconnected and for the most part interdependent to itself how systems affect each other helps to get to the root cause issue and one root cause for a symptom may not be the root cause for the same issue in a different person. Understanding ones constitution helps immensely in determining which herbs and protocols will be best tolerate and most effective

    in closing..When one uses herbs to treat symptoms, you are missing half of the have not discerned what the body constitution is and how the herbs will affect and effect the body. For instance someone comes in with arthritis and after some discussion I have determined they are of a hot constitution (pitta in Ayurveda) if I give that person a capsaicin product which is very effective in treating arthritis, for that person it will cause more problems and most likely not be the remedy that is going to work for them . as a healer you have to look at the symptom picture presented by each individual , then determine what their constitution (or Dosha in ayurveda) is, find the symptom pattern and what you know it means and THEN chose the appropriate remedy's, protocols and or herbs to help the body's systems function better, more optimum, sans dis-ease etc. whatever word you use to describe a state of homeostasis. Just because someone comes in with a headache doesnt mean i am giving them a headache remedy.


    I do not provide medical advice, this above is not medical advice, please contact your healthcare provider for your specific healthcare needs

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    okay, it actually occurred to me to Start this " healthy human RE-mineralization " discussion with enough... INTRO. But time-wise I omitted it, thinking.... Surely, by virtue of the fact that since Marjory's Forum is for " growing food, & becoming resilient ", people will know why such a discussion might be generally useful across the board.

    so Here is the INTRO: since the natural formation of soil occurs from crushing of rocks onto the earth’s soil mantle by glaciers, and Volcanic eruptions that ADD minerals to the soil, - as the farmed soil is by plant-life used, then Each season as water runs over rocks & into valleys & other areas, the > SOIL is continually... RE-mineralized < --- But when this process is Interrupted by various factors (including foremost most people living increasingly further away from Volcanic affected farming areas), & making matters worse then only dump back in NPK, & even worse force the ground to be increasingly Toxic; - then people can not expect to Enjoy Vibrant Health as we did earlier plus our forefathers plus our ancestors.

    As healthy MINERAL-rich soil, became increasingly unable to be 'pregnant' as it were, & worse UNfertile/barren, - the adding of NPK, & Compost (no matter how many feet deep) can not do how Volcanic eruptions ADD minerals to the soil. - That leaves people with a choice of ADDing Minerals in our diet, hence the by now oft-stated question: What specific form(s)? of each needed mineral are the most-readily... absorbed into the cell, which obviously is not the same thing as how Nature does it by GOD's original Intelligent Design. --- Yet God's TRUTH has the right to remain unchanged : ABUNDANT HEALTH is humanity's birthRight..., truly.

    Never did it occur to me that someone would assume - any discussion's motive or purpose was for "medical care". Of course NOT.

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    This discussion has taken up so much time, yet yielded next to no fruitful harvest. - And yet " Earth, & thus Human REmineralization " remains a Vital subject area for HEALTH, planetary & thus human. -

    For example, I am a member of WCFS which teaches people via community events like the state Fair, & the county Library system, etc " HOW to grow, & preserve FRUITs ". - When I joined years ago, all but 1 precious old-timer was using every damn chemical... imaginable to "doctor up" their increasingly sickening & infested plants, bushes, vines, & trees. - oh my god! - I went to work and got on the board making repeated suggestions to ADD one class each year on " Earth, & thus Human REmineralization ". And was repeatedly ignored, by whom ? None other but the self-proclaimed 'experts', including a surgeon whose entire family are bitterly suffering from every degenerative disease in the book.

    Fortunately, the 1 precious old-timer visited our garden, & vice versa; & beyond mutual compliments, suffice it to say, I got him elected as President, & the prez. of the BEE-club as vice-president, after which it took 2 more years, but at last, we now have an annual class on Cultivating HEALTHY SOIL, YEAH !!!!

    I can just copy/Paste the INTRO into my discussion on food-Foresting -